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Division of Immunopathology
Department of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research
Center of Pathophysiology, Infectiology & Immunology

Medical University of Vienna

Vienna General Hospital, AKH, 3Q
Waehringer Guertel 18-20
A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Projects of the SFB

Project F1801 Coordination Project [Valenta]  Project F1802 Molecular, immunological and structural characterization, and modifications of plant-food and latex allergens for diagnosis, prevention and specific immunotherapy [Breiteneder]  Project F1803 Molecular, immunological and structural characterization of mite allergens for diagnosis, pre-vention and specific immunotherapy. [Vrtala]  Project F1804 Molecular, immunological and structural characterization of animal-derived allergens for component/epitope-based in vitro diagnosis and specific immunotherapy. [Spitzauer]  Project F1805 The structural basis for allergenicity [Keller]  Project F1807 The role of cell-mediated immunity in Type I food allergies [Bohle]  Project F1808 Allergen mimotopes for prophylaxis, therapy and diagnosis of type I allergy [Jensen-Jarolim]  Project F1812 T-cell autoreactivity-A pathogenetic principle in atopic dermatitis? [Stingl]  Project F1813 Genetically targeted overexpression of defined IgE-receptor complexes in experimental animals-Tools for studying atopic diseases [Maurer]  Project F1814 Mucosal tolerance induction: a strategy for prevention and therapy of type I allergy [Wiedermann-Schmidt]  Project F1815 Molecular approaches to dissect pathomechanisms of allergy [Valenta]  Project F1816 Rebuilding the 'allergen-specific synaps' with human receptors and allergen relevant for the human disease to investigate mechanisms of antigen-specific immuno-modulation [Pickl]  Project F1817 Differential postnatal development of allergen-specific IgE-antibodies as early sign of atopy [Szepfalusi]  Project F1818 The nasal mucosa: a critical site for induction and maintenance, but also for prevention and therapy of Type I allergy [Niederberger]  Project F1820 IgE-dependent activation of human basophils and mast cells: dissection of novel pathways and development of new diagnostic and pharmacologic concepts [Valent]