European Congress for Immunology 2015 in Vienna - Immunology: Vienna waits for you!


From September 13-16, 2009, the 2nd European Congress for Immunology (ECI) 2009 has been held in Berlin, Germany. During this event, which has attracted more than 5000 attendants, the venue for the 4th ECI in 2015 has been selected.

On behalf of the Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology (ÖGAI), Univ. Prof. Winfried F. Pickl has prepared an excellent bid and has applied to organize the ECI 2015 in Vienna. In Berlin, Prof. Pickl and Univ. Doz. Barbara Bohle have introduced and defended this application. The competitors were the Scandinavian, the Czech and the Turkish Societies for Immunology who applied for Copenhagen, Prague and Istanbul as future venues for the ECI 2015. The vast majority of the representatives of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) as well as of the delegates of the different European societies of Immunology voted for Vienna as future venue and the ÖGAI to be the lead organization for the ECI 2015.

 We are very proud that Vienna has been selected as venue for the ECI 2015 and will thus follow the ECI 2012 in Glasgow, UK. In addition to bringing Austrian Immunology- and Allergy-research, the ÖGAI and the Medical University of Vienna into the focus of interest of the international immunological societies, the organisation of this major event will also clearly strengthen the four Austrian CD Laboratories (CD Laboratory for Allergy Research, led by Prof. Valenta, MUW, CD Laboratory for Allergy Diagnosis and Therapy, led by Prof. Dr. Fatima Ferreira, University of Salzburg, CD Laboratory for Immunomodulation, led by Univ. Doz. Barbara Bohle, MUW, and CD Laboratory for the Development of Allergy-Chips, led by Univ. Doz. Susanne Vrtala, MUW) performing translational research in the field of Allergology and Immunology. Photo  


Univ. Doz. Barbara Bohle erzählt den TeilnehmerInnen der Jungen Uni der FH Krems am 06.07.2009 über ihre Forschungstätigkeit im CD-Labor.  Photos

Radio Feature "Wissen aktuell Ö1" download

Opening of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Immunomodulation in the presence of Bundesminister Hahn, Staatssekretärin Christine Marek, Prof. Dr. Schütz, the Dean of the Medical University of Vienna, and representatives of the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft and Biomay AG (Photogallery)

Die Allergieforscherin Univ. Prof. Barbara Bohle, von der Medizinischen Universität Wien spricht über  Allergien im Freak Radio online am 26.03.2013.