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Body Classification
Blood, Heart and Circulation (119)
Bones, Joints and Muscles (49)
Brain and Nerves (41)
Digestive System (84)
Ear, Nose and Throat (27)
Endocrine System (33)
Eyes and Vision (31)
Immune System (11)
Kidneys and Urinary System (22)
Lungs and Breathing (44)
Mouth and Teeth (27)
Skin, Hair and Nails (43)
Female Reproductive System (69)
Male Reproductive System (37)
Device Category
Diagnostic Imaging Device (143)
Implantable Device (126)
Measuring Device (20)
Radiation Therapy Device (21)
Surgical Instrument (42)
Type of Intervention
Diagnosis (172)
Treatment (287)

Risk Classification
IIa (203)
IIb (142)
IIa/b (14)
III (100)
IIa AND IIa/b (217)
IIb AND IIa/b (156)

Device (procedure)

AIDR (2) APD (1) CBCT (1) CE-CCT (1) CPAP (4) CRT-D (1) CTC (3) CVC (1) CVP (1) DBS (1) EBCT (1); ECMO (1); EECP (1); EFM (1); ESWT (1); EUS (3); EVAR (1); FDG (2); FDG-PET (1); HDR (1); HIFU (4); ICD (2); IGRT (1); IPG (2); IPL (1); LDR (2); LITT (1); LTP (1); MAS (1); MDCT (3); MIBI (1); MRgFUS (1); MRI (18); MRT (3); PAC (1); PECLA (1); PET (41); PET/CT (22) RFA (1) SCS (1) SIRT (1) SMART (1) TAVI (2) TRD (1) VNS (1) YAG (2)
aortic valve (7); bare-metal (3); bone cement (3); bridge (5); colonoscopy (5); computed tomography (8); coronary (7); denture (4); detector (4); doppler (4); drug-eluting (9); electron beam (1); hand-held (2); implant (33); laser (17); monitoring (8); proton (2); radiation (5); robot (6); self-monitoring (2); slice (5); stent (24); tomography (16); tooth (8); tube (2); ultrasound (25); valve (10); x-ray (6);

Filter by Institution

AbbreviationName & web linkCountry
AHRQ (20)US Agency for Healthcare Research and QualityUSA
AHTA (86)Adelaide Health Technology AssessmentAustralia
ASERNIP-S (14)Australian Safety and Efficacy Register of New Interventional Procedures – SurgicalAustralia
ASSR (1)Regione Emilia Romagna, Agenzia Sanitaria e Sociale Regione Emilia RomagnaItaly
AVALIA-T (1)Galician Agency for Health Technology AssessmentSpain
CADTH (7)Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in HealthCanada
CRD (1)Centre for Reviews and DisseminationUnited Kingdom
CVZ (1)College voor Zorgverzekeringen, Dutch health care insurance boardNetherlands
DACEHTA (1)Danish Centre for Health Technology AssessmentDenmark
DAHTA@DIMDI (12)Deutsche Agentur für Health Technology Assessment - Bewertung gesundheitsrelevanter Verfahren – Deutsches Institut für medizinische Dokumentation und InformationGermany
HAS (16)Haute Autorité de SantéFrance
HIQA (2)Health Information and Quality AuthorityIreland
HIS (9)Health Care Improvement ScotlandScotland (UK)
HSAC (2)Health Services Assessment CollaborationNew Zealand
ICER (7)Institute for Clinical and Economic ReviewUSA
IHE (9)Institute of Health EconomicsCanada
INESSS (16)Institut national d'excellence en santé et en servicesCanada
IQWiG (32)Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im GesundheitswesenGermany
KCE (23)Belgian Federal Health Care Knowledge CentreBelgium
LBI (24)Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology AssessmentAustria
MSAC (35)Medical Services Advisory CommitteeAustralia
NBoH (4)National Board of HealthDenmark
NECA (3)National Evidence-based healthcare Collaboration AgencyKorea
NETSCC (40)NETSCC, HTA – NIHR Coordinating Centre for Health Technology AssessmentUnited Kingdom
NHS QIS (16)Quality Improvement ScotlandScotland (UK)
NICE (54)National Institute for Health and Care ExcellenceUnited Kingdom
NOKC (3)Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health ServicesNorway
OSTEBA (2)Basque Office for Health Technology AssessmentSpain
SBU (22)Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health CareSweden
UMIT (5)Private Universität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Medizinische Informatik und TechnikAustria
VATAP (3)VA Technology Assessment ProgramUSA

Welcome to the ECRIN database on outcome measures for medical device trials

Selecting appropriate outcome measures to assess the efficacy and safety of a medical device in a given disease plays a crucial role and can be challenging. This database is established to support researchers in planning, conducting clinical trials and health technology assessments (HTA) on medical devices.

The database allows you to search information on relevant outcomes related to specific medical devices defined a-priori to an evidence synthesis. The information on relevant outcomes in medical device trials were systematically searched and originate mainly from concrete HTAs and other relevant publications, such as systematic reviews and horizon scans published after 2008 and represent the commonly used outcome measures by international institutions involved in HTA (e.g. members of INAHTA, EUnetHTA and non-profit members of HTAi).

In this database you can find information about: To start searching in the database please select either Filters or Search from the top menu.

* According to the classification of medical devices by the EU in Annex IX of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC


WP 5 Structuring a European medical device clinical research network
Objective: Structuring a European network and hub for clinical research on medical device: WP leader: Edmund Neugebauer, Germany; project manager: Sunya-Lee Antoine, Germany.


The information related to 'Body Classification', 'Type of Intervention', 'Device Categories' and the associated 'ICD-10' classification numbers contained in this repository are without warranty, due to the fact that the project group assigned the data autonomous.

Last search conducted: June 2013

List of Abbreviations

AFAtrial fibrillation
AHIApnoea/Hypopnoea index
AIApnoea index
AIDRArtificial intervertebral disc replacement
APDAutomated Peritoneal Dialysis
APHABAbbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit
AUCArea under the curve
BISBispectral Index
BSCVABest spectacle-corrected visual acuity
CADComputer-aided detection
CADCoronary artery disease
CBCTCone-beam computed tomography
CE-CCTContrast enhanced coronary computed tomography
COSIClient Oriented Scale of Improvement
CPAPContinuous Positive Airway Pressure
CRT-DCardiac Resynchronisation Therapy including Defibrillator
CTComputed tomography
CTCComputed tomographic colonography
CTCAECommon Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events
CVCCentral venous catheters
CVPCentral venous pressure
DAPDecision Analytic Protocol
DBSDeep brain stimulation
DGFDelayed graft function
DORDiagnostic odds ratio
EBCTElectron beam CT
ECHOExpected consequences of Hearing Aid Ownership
ECMOExtracorporeal membrane oxygenation
ECOGEastern cooperative oncology group
EECPEnhanced external counterpulsation
EFMElectronic fetal monitoring
ELTEndovenous laser therapy
ESWTExtracorporeal shock-wave therapy
EUSEndoscopic ultrasonography
EVAREndovascular aneurysm repair
FDG-PETPositron emission tomography with radiotracer F-fluorodeoxyglucose
FESFunctional electrical stimulation
FMFrequency modulation
HDRHigh dose rate
HIFUHigh-intensity focused ultrasound
HRQLHealth related quality of life
HRQoLHealth related quality of life
ICDImplantable cardioverter defibrillator
IGRTImage-guided radiotherapy
IIEF-5International Index of Erectile Function-5
IPGNeurostimulator/implantable pulse generator
IPLIntense pulsed light
LDRLow dose rate
LR+, LR-Likelihood ratio positive/negative
LTPLaser trabeculoplasty
MASMandibular advancement splints
MDCTMultidetector CT
MIBI scanTc-hexakis-2-methoxy isobutyl isonitrate scan
MRgFUSMagnetic resonance imaging guided high intensity focused ultrasound
MRIMagnetic resonance imaging
NPV Negative predictive value
NYHANew York Heart Association Functional Classification
OSAHSObstructive sleep apnoea/hypopnoea syndrome
PACPulmonary artery catheter
PECLAPumpless extracorporeal lung assist
PETPositron emission tomography
PICCPeripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheter
PNFPrimary non-function
PPVPositive predictive value
QALYQuality-adjusted life-years
QoLQuality of life
RDRetinal detachment
RFARadiofrequency ablation
RM3Renal Preservation System
ROCReceiver operating characteristic
RVOTRight ventricular outflow tract
SaO2Oxygen saturation of arterial blood
SCSSpinal cord stimulation
SIRTSelective Internal Radiation Therapy
SMARTScalable Medical Alert Response Technology
SMBGSelf-monitoring of blood glucose
TAVITranscatheter aortic valve implantation devices and delivery systems
TNMClassification of Malignant Tumours
TRDTongue-retaining devices
VADsVentricular assist devices
VNSVagus nerve stimulation
WOMACWestern Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index
x-rayX-radiation; Electromagnetic radiation
YAG-laserYttrium aluminium garnet-laser


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