Welcome to the “Pathophysiology of the Placenta” Group, headed by Isabella Ellinger. This group is part of the Department of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research at the Center of  Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology of the Medical University of Vienna in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

The primary aim of my research group is to study uptake/traffic/effects of maternal macromolecules at the materno-fetal interface under physiologic and pathophysiologic conditions.

The second important mission is science education and scientific communication /knowledge dissemination.

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MedUni Wien/F. Matern

CCJC goes summer! Isabella Ellinger, Enikoe Kallay and Peter Pietschmann (all PIs at IPA) would like to thank all participating students for their enthusiastic contributions during this year.

Sophie Török, obtained her Bachelor of Science at FH Campus Vienna on

July, 6th 2017 -  Congratulations!!!

Students meet pupils – IPA (10th of July, 2017)

Since 2009, we have offered an opportunity to pupils age 15-19 to get a taste of research. During 1-month lasting FFG-funded Talente-Praktika, these young students participate in research projects and learn to know the ups and downs of science. On 10th of July 2017, nine inquisitive pupils met six motivated Bachelor, Master and PhD students at IPA to gain insight into their education and experiences.

July 2017: Start of Talente-Praktika: Katrin Shadova, Aaron Waidmann, Amra Tursunovic and Paulina Lorencic busy with their first experiment.