September 2016 – Fifth Biennial Conference on Resting State and Brain Connectivity

Following the successful previous conferences in Boston/Cambridge (Mass., USA), Magdeburg (Germany, EU), and Milwaukee (Wisc., USA), the Fifth Biennial Conference on Resting State and Brain Connectivity took place in Vienna (Austria, EU) September 21 to 23, 2016.

Christian Windischberger is chair of the local organizing committee.


June 2015 – Three OHBM Merit Abstract Awards. Off to Hawaii!

Great news! Martin Tik, Lucia Navarro, and Ronald Sladky have each been selected to receive a Merit Abstract Award for the 2015 OHBM Annual Meeting in Honolulu (Hawaii, USA). After a double-blind peer-review process, only the top-rated abstracts were selected for this competitive award. Martin Tik will present his work on ultra-high field functional MR imaging of the human brain during an Aha!-moment as a poster. Lucia Navarro will give an oral presentation on the benefits of her newly-developed MRI acquisition coil in combination with transcranial magnetic stimulation. Ronald Sladky’s effective connectivity study on emotion processing in the extended amygdala network shall be also presented in one of the few oral presentation slots. Aloha!


Who we are

We are a functional neuroimaging research group at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and the MR Centre of Excellence of the Medical University of Vienna. Closely connected to the Vienna General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the world, and not too far away from the University of Vienna, the MR Centre is an ideal place for our fMRI group for interdisciplinary clinical and basic biomedical research, as well as collaborations in biological psychology and cognitive science projects. Furthermore, the improvement and development of novel acquisition, data processing and analysis methods are central topics of our group.