The effect that genes have on our brain depends on our age. These are the findings of a group of researchers from the MedUni Vienna. It has been known for a number of years that particular genetic variations are of importance for the functioning of neural circuits in the brain. Just how these effects differ in the various stages of life has until recently not been fully understood. This international study has been able to demonstrate that genetic variations at different times in our lives can actually have opposite effects on the brain, which provides an explanation for the differences that clinicians observe in the psychiatric symptoms and response to medications of adolescents and adults.


[in German:] Arzt der Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde im Alter von 36 Jahren verunglückt

At the Medical University of Vienna, Austria's first specialist vaccinations clinic for at-risk groups will open on 22nd October 2014 with an "Open Doors Day". This clinic specialises in patients who, as a result of illness or...

There are many valuable treasures in the historic collection held by the Josephinum library at the Medical University of Vienna. The “Page by Page” series of special tours on selected dates will put these hidden jewels on public...



10 Jahre MedUni Wien

3. November 2014
Ort: Hörsaalzentrum der MedUni Wien im AKH, Ebene 7/8

11 bis 13 Uhr Festakt
13.30 bis 18 Uhr Zukunftstag mit Themeninseln und Diskussionspodien

11.30-17 Uhr
Infotag für ForscherInnen der MedUni Wien
Ort: Bauteil 88 (Rektoratsgebäude), Ebene 04, Gang 900
06.-08.11.2014Wiener Radiologisches Symposium
Ort: Van Swieten Saal, Van-Swieten-Gasse 1a, 1090 Wien
19 Uhr
Blatt für Blatt - Die Schätze der Josephinischen Bibliothek
Ort: Josephinum, Währinger Straße 25, 1090 Wien

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