Univ. Prof. Mag.Dr. Wilfried Ellmeier
Medical University of Vienna
Division of Immunobiology
Institute of Immunology
Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology
Lazarettgasse 19, 1090 Vienna, Austria


Office: +43 1 40160 33293
Fax: +43 1 40160 933293
Lab: +43 1 40160 33295


How to reach us

We are located in the Vienna Competence Center within walking distance (5 min) from:
• U6 Station Alserstraße
• Tram #43 or #44 (stop at "Skodagasse")
• Bus 13A (stop at "Skodagasse")
• Tram #5 or 33 (stop at "Spitalgasse")


++ 10/2018 - Daniela Hainberger received a L'Oreal Austria Fellowship - FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE <pdf>
++ 07/2018 - New publication in Nature Reviews Immunology: Histone deacetylase function in CD4+ T cells <link>
++ 04/2018 - Newspaper artikel about the PhD project of Patricia Hamminger (in German) <pdf>
++ 12/2017 - Funding of the FWF application "Molecular and Cellular Control of Tissue Homeostasis in Health and Disease - TissueHome" (the Ellmeier lab is part of the initiative) <link>
+++ 11/2017 - Poster prize for Liisa Andersen - 2017 Annual meeting of the Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology <link>
+++ 11/2017 - New publication of our lab on the role of NCOR1 during T cell development <link>
+++ 10/2017 - Two FWF-funded PhD positions available <link>
+++ 10/2017 - Nicole Boucheron received a stand alone FWF project
+++ 10/2017 - Special issue of FEBS letters on "Immunity & Metabolism" published (edited by Laszlo Nagy and Wilfried Ellmeier) <link>
+++ 09/2017 - New publication of our lab about the role of HDAC1 in EAE in the Journal of Autoimmunity <link>
+++ 08/2017 - Patricia Hamminger received a DOC fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences <link>

Press releases / Presseaussendungen (in German)

Our research is funded by public money (e.g. Austrian Science Fund, WWTF, HORIZON 2020), therefore we have a strong committment to communicate our results also to the interested public.

• HEUREKA Artikel ├╝ber PhD Projekt von Patricia Hamminger <pdf>
• WissensDurst Vortrag (pint of science) von Wilfried Ellmeier am 23.4.2018 <pdf>
• Möglicher therapeutischer Ansatz für Multiple Sklerose entdeckt <pdf>
• Possible approach discovered for the treatment of multiple sclerosis <link>
• T-Helfer-Zellen können ihren Charakter ändern <pdf>
• Chromatin-modifizierendes Enzym beeinflusst Asthma <pdf>
• Neue Horizonte <pdf>
• Wesentlicher Faktor für T-Zellbildung entdeckt <pdf>
• Immunsystem - Toleranz <pdf>
• Forschung - Identitätssucher in der Biochemie <pdf>


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