Final EHR Arche project report available

The EHR Arche project was successfully finished in Spring 2012. A final report describing all reports is now available at

Intermediate Report available

An intermediate report describing the overall progress and the results of the project until November 2011 can be downloaded from

Development of extended Document Consumer finished

The aim of the document consumer is to provide the user interface to search in both structured and unstructured documents. The user can search for documents via metadata, use predefined queries, or search for specific information items. The search yields a list of documents and/or individual values.

Development of archetype-based EHR document crawler finished

The aim of the document crawler is to find relevant information in EHR documents based on a query and return the relevant information in a structured way. The document crawler downloads the relevant documents from the IHE XDS environment, hence also acts as an IHE XDS document consumer. [continue reading →]

Development of EHR system acting as IHE XDS data source completed

Recently the development of the EHR system ZK-ARCHE was completed, which serves as the data source within EHR-ARCHE’s IHE XDS environment. Its purpose is to support the fast and convenient creation of archetyped EHR extracts, as well as their provision to the XDS-repository and registration within the XDS-registry.

Development of relevant archetypes finished

Using an approach which adapts an iterative software development model to the archetype domain, we developed 128 ISO/EN 13606 archetypes. They represent 446 clinical information items which were collected in an analysis of the information needs of physicians when treating diabetes patients. The archetypes were created using the linkEHR archetype editor and translated to German and English. The composition of archetypes (350 times) using the ADL slot mechanism and specialization of archetypes (40 times) were intensively employed. [continue reading →]

Presentation at GMDS2010 conference

Results of the information needs analysis were presented at the GMDS2010 conference in September 2010 in Mannheim, Germany. Feedback was good, and discussion points will be integrated in a journal publication that is just being prepared.

Analysis of information needs of physicians finished

A detailed information needs analysis has been conducted and is just being published. With a combination of extensive interviews, local observations, analysis of clinical guidelines, and analysis of clinical documentation systems, a taxonomy of over 400 information items has been identified. These information items describe which information physicians need when treating patients with Diabetes mellitus. In addition, relevant clinical situations were identified, and the information needs for each situation were described. This information has been used to develop CEN13606-archetypes. [continue reading →]

Project team met in Vienna

On February 22nd, 2010, the project team met at the Medical University of Vienna. Topics of this full-day workshop comprised detailed preparation of the information needs analysis of physicians, and discussing the overall EHRArche architecture.
The attached picture shows the participants (from left to right): First line: Elske Ammenwerth, Thomas Schabetsberger, Georg Duftschmid Second line: Christoph Rinner, Michael Kohler, Samrend Saboor, Gudrun Hübner-Bloder

New homepage is online

The project team now has finalized the homepage for the project EHR Arche at You can find here an outline of the project, an overview on the ongoing activities, and our publications.