Serotonin transporter function

Understanding substrate transport by the serotonin transporter

A PhD position is available immediately at the Medical University of Vienna, Institute of Pharmacology. The project focuses on substrate transport by the neurotransmitter transporter for serotonin. Neurotransmitter molecules, released from the pre-synaptic neuron upon an electric stimulus, bind to receptors on the post-synaptic neuron, where they initiate an electrical response. Information in neurons is transmitted in pulses; therefore, fast clearance of serotonin is essential. Alteration can lead to neurological disorders including schizophrenia or depression.

The aim of the project is to investigate substrate transport and quantify associated energies. During your PhD you will apply molecular modelling and advanced simulation techniques and build on our established serotonin transporter model to study the process of substrate transport. Quantification of associated energies will be an important aspect of the project.

The research is conducted within the multidisciplinary framework of the SFB35 program “Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease” ( and will have a strong link to experiments. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong background in molecular modelling, simulations or structural biology and a firm interest in membrane transporter function. The applicant should send a letter highlighting motivation and relevant work experience, CV, copies of certificates and contact details of two references to Thomas Stockner: