PhD-Program Inflammation and Immunity
Medizinische Universität Wien

Our PhD-Program

The PhD and MD/PhD Program Inflammation and Immunity (IAI) aims at revealing novel mechanisms controlling the development and function of immune cells in health and disease and train excellent young researchers with a new qualification profile in basic, translational and clinical research. The IAI PhD program is closely linked to three Special Research Programs (SFB-F46, SFB-F28, and SFB-F35) funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and several Austrian (CDL for Immunomodulation, CDL for Allergy Research) and European (GROWTHSTOP, PreDicta, MeDALL, NoE) networks.

Our overall scientific objective is to understand the detailed events and molecular mechanisms associated with inflammatory and immunological diseases. Genes, molecules, isolated cells and tissues as well as whole organisms are all being exploited as model systems. Thereby mouse immunologists will closely interact with human immunologists and establish a close interaction between basic and clinical science. We provide synergistic expertise in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, mouse genetics, immunology, allergology, infectiology and immunopharmacology, also at the translational level. The major critical advantage of working in this interactive network will be the transfer of molecular observations made in vitro to the clinical treatment of immune and inflammatory diseases in patients. Access to patient material will be provided by the clinical research groups present within the IAI program. This interface between basic and clinical research is of particular importance for the success of the IAI PhD program.

The IAI PhD Program will concentrate its research efforts in the following four areas:

Our scientific goals will be implemented by a state-of-the art career development plan which includes comprehensive educational training in the field of IAI, special lectures on career awareness, collaborative programs with international universities and research institutions, exchange of research tools and technologies, teaching and special scientific workshops. This will offer IAI PhD students all the prerequisites for a future successful career in academia, industry or any field of health care.