PhD-Program Inflammation and Immunity
Medizinische Universität Wien

1st SAB Meeting

Hotel Ottenstein





On the 25th - 26th of April 2012 our 1st SAB-Meeting took place at Seminarhotel Ottenstein in Lower Austria. We were delighted to welcome the members of our Scientific Advisory Board:


Prof. Peter Angel (DKFZ Heidelberg)

Prof. Gottfried Baier (Medical University of Innsbruck)

Prof. Christoph Caux (Cancer Research Center of Lyon)

Prof. Martin Röcken (Dep. of Dermatology, Eberhard Karl University, Tübingen)


All students of the PhD program could present their data to this experts in the field and got input during stimulating discussions. In addition, they had the possibility to discuss with the SAB members about the PhD program and ideas to further improve the DK-Immunity and Inflammation.