Suicide Research Group

Suicide and suicide attempts are major problems when experienced in life, but also for our society. With more than 1200 suicides per year in Austria, suicides outnumber twofold fatal traffic injuries.

Suicidality is often an expression of a personal crisis, with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, however, suicidality is not always a result of psychiatric disorders. Also social factors such as job losses may contribute to suicidality in individuals. Treatment as well as an adequate social support can foster alternatives to hopelessness.

Suicide Prevention focuses on individual and societal factors by interventions and preventive programs. According to international models, the Austrian government started to implement a National Suicide Prevention Plan (SUPRA, Suicide Prevention Austria) in 2012. The Suicide Research Group is one of the major collaborators supporting the implementation process of SUPRA by the Austrian Ministry of Health.

The Suicide Research Group studies epidemiological and clinical risk and resilience factors of suicidality and aims to develop preventive interventions, which then can be translated into effective treatments, suicide prevention initiatives and health promotion programs.

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