Science of Chemical Safety
University Course for Postgraduates
Offered since 1993
Paracelsus (1493-1541)
"All substances are poisons;
there is none which is not a poison.
Dose alone makes that a thing is not a poison."

Detailed information about the Course

    ENTRY IS POSSIBLE AT ANY TIME. Fill out the application form now (see below).
    The course is held for the 9th time (UCT 9) and continues on-line despite the Corona pandemic. So a good time point to join us is NOW.
    !!ATTENTION!! Due to the Corona pandemic, a far-reaching detailed summary of the planned module dates of UCT 9 cannot be given at the present point in time. See below for the plans in the nearer future.
    Update status: December 2nd, 2021
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the Corona pandemic it is presently uncertain when teaching with presence at our institute in Vienna will be allowed again. Until that time, Webex sessions will be continued.
    See below the presently chosen solutions for the near future:

    Exam on UCT9-Module 14: "Ecotoxicology": Date: open

    Important ! New Rule: Entry into AKH is subjected to the 3G rule, i.e. you must either be vaccinated ("Geimpft"), or tested ("Getested"), or have recovered ("Genesen") . For more detailed info:

    Your face mask, which must be of the FFP2 QUALITY, must be worn PERMANENTLY while at AKH, i.e. also DURING the exam. Otherwise, the rather strict measures that were already in place at earlier exams remain thus far upright, i.e. exams with presence can be held if there is no feasible on-line alternative and if special permission is given. We have been granted such special permission for all exams that are announced on this page.
    If requirements are changed we shall inform you in due time.

    With regard to the locations outside of Vienna, the rules are made by the local supervisors. New rules have been particularly released for the location at Ulm.

    UCT9-Module 14: "Ecotoxicology": From Wednesday, December 8th to Saturday, December 11th, 2021 (final)

    For explanation of status descriptions ("final", "planned" etc.) see document on module dates below.
    Master of Toxicology, chemical safety, non-clinical safety, risk
    Toxikologie, Chemikalien, Sicherheit, Risiko



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