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Please find below a list of publications of TranSVIR members and the corresponding links to pubmed for further information or direct links to the abstracts: 

a. Carpenter S, Wochal P, Dunne A, O´Neill LAJ. Toll-like Receptor 3 (TLR3) Signaling Requires TLR4 Interactor with Leucine-rich Repeats (TRIL). The Journal of Biological Chemistry 286; 44: 38795 - 38804, 2011.

b. Alam MM, O´Neill LA. MicroRNAs and the resolution phase of inflammation in macrophages. Eur. J. Immunol. 41: 2482 - 2485, 2011.

c. O´Flynn J, Flierman R, van der Pol P, Rops A, Satchell SC, Mathieson PW, van Kooten C, van der Vlag J, Berden JH, Daha MR. Nucleosomes and C1q bound to glomerular endothelial cells serve as targets for autoantibodies and determine complement activation. Molecular Immunology 49: 75 - 83, 2011.

d. Kain R, Tadema H, McKinney EF, Benharkou A, Brandes R, Peschel A, Hubert V, Feenstra T, Sengölge G, Stegeman C, Heeringa P, Lyons PA, Smith KGC, Kallenberg C,  Rees AJ. High Prevalence of Autoantibodies to hLAMP-2 in Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Vasculitis. JASN 23: 556-566, 2012.