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Regular Lectures


Former Lectures:

  •  SSM1: Molekulare Zusammenhänge zwischen Entzündung und Krebs

  •  Methods in Cellular Biology (summer semester 2009)

  •  Scientific Software and databases (summer semester 2009):

  •  PhD program - Basic lecture: cellular signaltransduction:
    Web presentation

  •  SSM3: Zellbiologie und Biochemie
    pdf-file (2 slides per page, 1.4 MB, German)

  •  BLOCK 3: „Vom Molekül zur Zelle“ – version of Johannes Schmid
    pdf-file (4 slides/page)

  •  "Zellbiologische Arbeitsmethoden", University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, since  2001; pdf-file (2 slides/page, 8 MB)

  • "Zellbiologie", University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, since 200

  •  Moderne Methoden Biomedizinischer Forschung", since 2003 

  •  Toxicology Course Vienna: Module 3: "From Cells to Organs"
    pdf-file (2 slides/page, 6 MB)

Guest Lectures

  •  VIB (Vlanders Institute of Biotechnology) in Gent, Belgium, April 1999

  •  University Stuttgart: Dynamics of signaling molecules of the NF-kB pathway. Investigations using GFP-chimera and FRET microscopy, Dec. 2001

  •  University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna ("Zellbiologische und Molekularbiologische Aspekte Biochemischer Arbeitsmethoden"), Jan. 2001

  •  MRC Leicester, Toxicology Unit, UK, Sept. 2002

  •  Yale Univ. Medical School, Immunobiology Dept., “Novel links between signalosomes and proteasomes”, Dec. 2002

  •  Guest Lecture for the Vascular Biology and Transplantation Program, Yale University Medical School: „Novel links between NF-kB, proteasomes and signalosomes”. Oct. 2003.

  •  University Hospital Aachen, Aug. 2004

  •  Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, Aug. 2004

  •  Medical University Innsbruck, Sept. 2005

  •  Pembroke College, Cambridge, April 2008: Spectral imaging and FRET

  •  University of Debrecen, Hungary, June 2008: The Dynamics of Molecular Machines

  •  Technical Univ. Vienna, March 2009: Various Image Analysis Approaches

  •  University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria, Dec. 2009: How do molecules talk to each other?

Guest Professorships

  •  University of Salzburg, Austria, March 2010

  •  National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan, April 2010

Johannes A. Schmid