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We characterize the phenotype and function of skin endothelium in the context of inflammation and cancer.

Endothelial cells invest all blood and lymphatic vessels of the body. They shape the distinct responses of skin endothelium to angiogenic or inflammatory stimuli.

This intrigues us!

Therefore, our work concentrates on skin specific endothelial responses to tumor growth and inflammation.

Our research focus:


  • The molecular basis and mechanism of melanoma progression and metastasis

Vascular Biology

  • The function of endothelial cells in health and disease

Our Group

In total our group comprises 13 dedicated scientists who are always seeking to broaden their experiences in basic and clinical research. This stimulating environment has contributed to the publication of our findings in renowned journals, including Nature Medicine, Cell, J Biol Chem, American Journal of Pathology or Journal of Immunology. The skills and knowledge base of our laboratory form part of a worldwide network of partners in both the scientific community and in industry.

Tube formation assay

Tube formation assay with human fibroblasts and umbilical vein endothelial cells. PECAM-1 (red) is used as marker for endothelial cells.

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