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About Us: Robert Loewe, M.D.

Robert Loewe
Robert Loewe, M.D. Associate Professor Principal Investigator Phone: +43-1-40400-73716  Fax: +43-1-5851897 20 E-mail:


Curriculum Vitae

Present position

Senior Physician/Consultant, Department of Dermatology, Medical University Vienna
Clinical responsibility: Dermatopatholgy, Clinic for rare skin cancers, outpatient service
Principal Investigator at the Skin and Endothelium Research Division (SERD)

Current Project/s

  • Epidermal growth factor facilitates melanoma lymph node metastasis by influencing tumor lymphangiogenesis
  • Identification of a chemokine expression signature associated with prometastatic properties in cutaneous melanoma


2010 Senior Medical Consultant Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, VAE
2008 Senior physician, Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna
11/2007 venia docendi for Dermatology (Associate Professor with tenure)
2007 Visiting fellow at the Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Since 2005 Group Leader and Biomedical Scientist at the Skin and Endothelium Research Division, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Department of Dermatology (Prof. Dr. Peter Petzelbauer)
2006 Board certification for Dermatology
2001 - 2006 Residency training in Dermatology, Division of General Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria (Chairman: Prof. Dr. Klaus Wolff, Prof. Dr. Hubert Pehamberger)
Specialist training in Dermatopathology
1999 - 2001 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Skin and Endothelium Laboratory at the Department of Dermatology (Head Prof. Klaus Wolff), Division of General Dermatology at the Medical University of Vienna
1998 - 1999 Internship at the Second Internal Department (Cardiology and Critical Care Unit) at the General Hospital, Wels, Austria (Head Prim. Prof. Bernd Eber)
1986 - 1996 University of Vienna Medical School, Vienna, Austria
Graduation May 1996


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  10. Erlotinib and Bevacizumab have Synergistic Activity against Melanoma
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  11. Focus on Melanoma TILs: Prognostic Significance and Immunobiology of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes in the Age of Biological Therapy
    DA. Oble, R. Loewe, P. Yu, MC. Mihm, Jr
    Cancer Immunity, 2009, Apr 2;9:3
  12. Janeway Lesions may present with inconspicuous histological features
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  13. Dimethylfumarate impairs melanoma growth and metastasis
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  14. Empact Syndrome
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  15. Degos disease with an inconspicuous clinical course
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  16. The non-receptor-associated tyrosine kinase Syk is a regulator of metastatic behavior in human melanoma cells
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  19. Apomorphine hyperpigmentation
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  20. Dimethylfumarate inhibits TNF-induced nuclear entry of NF-kappa B/p65 in human endothelial cells
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  21. Dimethylfumarate inhibits tumor-necrosis-factor-induced CD62E expression in an NF-kappa B-dependent manner
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Book chapters

  1. Petzelbauer P, Gröger M, Loewe R, Kunstfeld R. 2007. Endothelium and skin. In: Aird, Ed. Endothelial Biomedicine. Cambridge U Press, p1431-1443
  2. Petzelbauer P, Loewe R. 2008. Dimethylfumarate and Cancer. In: Schwab, Ed. Encyclopedia of Cancer, 2nd edition, p871-3
  3. Ebner B., Laßnig E., Singer C., Ablinger O., Höller E., Loewe R., Ratzenböck M., Spitaler E., Steiner P. 2001. Der kleine Notfall, Ein Kompendium für Turnusärzte


  1. Kardinal Innitzer Förderungspreis of the Archbishop of Vienna, 2008
  2. Award of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna, Austria, 2007
  3. Researcher of the Month, April 2007; Medical University of Vienna, Austria
  4. Klaus Wolff Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 2007
  5. Scientific award for "innovative and interdisciplinary cancer research" by the mayor of the City of Vienna, Austria, 2004
  6. Scientific award ("AESCA-Preis") for oustanding clinical research by AESCA Austria, 2004
  7. Kyrle fellowship of the Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venerology (ÖGDV), 2002
  8. Excellence Scholarship of the University of Vienna, Austria, 1996


  1. Fumaric acid derivatives as NF-kappaB inhibitors. Publication info: NZ525148 - 2006-06-30 6

Financial support


2009-2011 Identification of a chemokine expression signature associated with melanoma progression (ONB 13672)
2006-208 Fumarates as NF-kB inhibitors. A new strategy for the therapy of cutaneous melanoma(ONB 11912)


2010 Becas Argo Global Funding, FICYT, Oviedo, E; for ASC
2007 Awawrd of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna, Austria
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