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Walter Rossmanith, Ph.D.
PI, Professor of Medical Biochemistry
Walter received his training in Biology at the University of Vienna, graduating with a master thesis on RNase MRP. During his PhD work in Biochemistry he studied mammalian mitochondrial transcript processing and first identified the key enzymatic activities involved. As a postdoc he worked on the role of growth factors in the liver and in liver cancer development, and on non-viral in vivo gene transfer methods. Later he did research on mitochondrial diseases and their molecular diagnosis. In 2003/04 he started his research group at the Medical University of Vienna, Center for Anatomy & Cell Biology.

Elisa Vilardo, Ph.D.
Elisa was trained in Genomic Biotechnology at Sapienza University of Rome and completed a PhD in Neurosciences working on microRNA-mediated regulation of gene expression in the central nervous system, with a special focus on the regulation of the amyloid precursor protein. She joined the Rossmanith lab as postdoc to investigate the potential connection of mitochondrial RNase P with Alzheimer’s disease through its interaction with the amyloid-β peptide. She is interested in the characterization of the methyltransferase activity of human mitochondrial RNase P and the interplay among its different subunits/activities.

Ursula Toth, M.Sc.
Ursula received her training in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences IMC Krems and graduated with a master thesis in Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna. She is responsible for lab management and involved in most ongoing research projects in the lab.

Sabrina Summer, M.Sc.
Ph.D. student
Sabrina studied Microbiology and Genetics at the University of Vienna and graduated with a master thesis on the role of interferons in the immune response to enteropathogens. She is a Ph.D. student investigating potential novel players in mitochondrial RNA metabolism.

Diogo Estêvão, B.Sc.
Undergraduate student
Diogo studied Biology at the University of Porto and is currently enrolled in the Master program Molecular Biology and Immunobiology at the University of Vienna. He helps with various projects in the lab.

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