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The vision of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Medical Radiation Research for Radiation Oncology is the optimization of the treatment outcome of radiation oncology, alone or in combination with established chemotherapy or novel targeted strategies of drug treatment, with conventional photon or innovative ion-beams. The aim of this research project is to establish solid and benchmark strategies for a maximally effective, individualized radiotherapy treatment of malignancies and to develop methods and tools for their widespread clinical application. 

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“Evidence-based decision making in image-guided brachytherapy”


in the field of ion beam therapy for moving targets


Bei der ÖGRO Jahrestagung 2017 in Linz wurde Verena Kopatz und ihre Mitautoren Wolfgang Dörr und Edgar Selzer für ihre Arbeit „Wirkung von Integrin-Antagonisten +/- Bestrahlung in 2D-Monolayer- vs. 3D-Sphäroidkultur“ mit dem Posterpreis in der Kategorie Strahlenbiologie ausgezeichnet. Verena Kopatz ist PhD-Studentin in der Arbeitsgruppe für Angewandte und Translationale Strahlenbiologie (ATRAB) der Klinik für Strahlentherapie der MedUni Wien und Mitarbeiterin im Christian-Doppler-Labor für medizinische Strahlenforschung für die Radioonkologie (RadOnc). Ihr Forschungsschwerpunkt sind 3D-Tumorzellsphäroidmodelle für die strahlenbiologische Forschung.


In 2017 the 4D Treatment Planning Workshop will take place the 8th time. We are very happy to welcome everyone interested in the different aspects of 4D treatment planning and delivery in Vienna this year.


Maria Koshanskaya , PhD-students in the Applied and Translational Radiobiology group (ATRAB) of the Department of Radiotherapy and member of WP3 of RadOnc was honoured with a Young Investigator Award of the European Radiation Research Society (http://www.errs.eu/) at the annual ERRS meeting in Essen, Germany, which took place on 17.-21.09.2017. Maria Koshanskaya was awarded for her preclinical studies on the mucoprotective effects of heparin application on the clinical manifestation of radiation-induced mucositis.


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