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General Information

The Institute for Medical Psychology in Vienna was established in 1981.

Medical psychology is an inter-disciplinary subject in the Health science, and it is based on the bio-psycho-social concept of health and illness. Its purpose is to integrate psychological and sociological aspects in medical science.

Medical psychology concentrates therefore

  • on conditions to restore health
  • and conditions, which support and sustain health.

It also contributes to changes in the rules and style of medical treatment, which is concluded in the field of the interaction between doctor and patient, especially the doctor patient relationship.
In Vienna the main issue in teaching Medical psychology focuses on the interdisciplinarity as well as on basic medical attitudes. The curriculum emphasizes on the integral part of medical psychology in the whole Health science. Its purpose is to give students a theoretical background of a holistic approach of health and illness.

Seminar Medical Psychology Main issues

Bio-psycho-social concept of health and illness

A basic information how body and emotional feelings work together, and how they interact with social, economic, and environmental factors and events.


Communication between doctor and patient, especially the doctor patient-relationship. Discussions about the way in which medical profession uses their technical skill and knowledge. In a group-setting students are confronted with their own emotional feelings, which sometimes block a helpful interaction and communication between doctor and patient. Students should get aware of the necessity of a doctor's own feelings, and how it also influences counter transference


Students get an introduction of the important steps of a psychosocial anamnestic interview. Communication skills. Acknowledge of nonverbal signals in the communication.

Coping with diseases

and helping patients to deal with grief and death.

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