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06. December 2018

Risk or safety: Neuronal activity in the brain permits prediction of intuitive decisions

If the activity of specific neurons remains low, a risk will be taken again at the next opportunity
10. December 2018

Erika Mosor elected president of the Austrian society for rheumatological health professions

Employee at the Institute for Outcomes Research of the MedUni Vienna taking over leadership of the professional society
07. December 2018

A new treatment option significantly reduces the risk of relapse in the case of HER2-positive breast cancer

Antibody-drug conjugate (trastuzumab emtansine) reduces the risk of relapse by 50 percent compared to standard therapy
07. December 2018

Judith Wenzina awarded third place at the 15th International Medical Postgraduate Conference

PhD student distinguished for work on the mechanisms of melanoma metastasis
17. December 2018 14:30 PM-16:30 PM
Weihnachtsvorlesung "Was ist Leben auf Österreichisch?"
13. December 2018 13:00 PM-14:20 PM
Habilitationskolloquien konservativer Fachbereich
14. December 2018 13:00 PM-14:30 PM
ICR Cancer Lecture Series

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