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Renovating the house – how cells stay in good shape

Medicine & Science

Cells constantly renovate and get rid of unwanted material in a process called autophagy in order to replace it with new parts

Kaan Boztug appointed new Scientific Director of St. Anna Children's Cancer Research

People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna scientist is expert in rare congenital haematopoietic and immune system diseases

Endometriosis: up to 300,000 women in Austria affected

University, Medicine & Science

Infertility a possible consequence – Medical Universities start campaign to raise awareness about this disease

New hope for seasonal allergy sufferers

Medicine & Science

Camels have a rare capacity for producing antibodies consisting of only one chain


When changing one atom makes molecules better

Medicine & Science

Chemists in Vienna find a method to replace hydrogen with fluorine in organic molecules

Thomas Beyer accepted into European Academy of Sciences and Arts

People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna Professor of Physics of Medical Imaging becomes member of international academic forum

Stress management: virtual support by "human" avatars works just as well as face-to-face support

Medicine & Science

Social interactions and human touch as success factors in telemedicine or other virtual therapy programs

Johannes Längle is Researcher of the Month March 2019

People of the MedUni Vienna, Researcher of the Month

DNA damage predicts prognosis and treatment response in colorectal liver metastases superior to immunogenic cell death and T cells

Till Voigtländer distinguished at EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards

People of the MedUni Vienna

Rare disease expert receives European Rare Disease Leadership Award