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Targeted cancer treatment: innovative approach could prevent serious side effects

Medicine & Science

Targeted, highly effective cancer treatments often produce debilitating side effects

Vaccination: Regulatory and information strategies to increase vaccination coverage

Medicine & Science

Austrian Vaccination Day 2020 on 18 January in Austria Center Vienna with the theme "Vaccination: for everyday and exceptional situations"

MSc Healthcare Facilities: Create, Re-Shape and Innovate Healthcare Facilities.

Studies & Further Education

New postgraduate program of the TU Wien and the Medical University of Vienna provides interdisciplinary training for specialists.

Awards for young researchers at the 16th International Medical Postgraduate Conference in Hradec Kralove

People of the MedUni Vienna

First prize for Anete Romanauska and third prize for Markus Kraller from MedUni Vienna

Tumour microenvironment as target and regulator of metal anticancer drugs

Medicine & Science

Petra Heffeter from MedUni Vienna's Institute of Cancer Research coordinates inter-university FWS research group.

Cloacal malformation: world's first 3D model has been developed

Medicine & Science

Presentation at the European Congress for Paediatric Surgeons in Vienna from 4 to 7 December

Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology awards prizes to MedUni Vienna researchers

People of the MedUni Vienna

Karl Landsteiner Medal goes to Hannes Stockinger, Clemens von Pirquet Prize to Christian Lupinek plus other prizes.

FWF establishes new specialist research area for RNA modifications

Medicine & Science

MedUni Vienna is participating with five research groups – Michael Jantsch is overall project leader

Pregnancy: Coffee, nicotine and amphetamines activate "hot spots" in the foetal brain

Medicine & Science

Increased risk of subsequent neurological and psychiatric problems