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At the man/machine interface: new dimensions in bionic reconstruction

University, Medicine & Science

Opening of the Clinical Laboratory for Bionic Limb Reconstruction at MedUni Vienna/Vienna General Hospital

Eva Schwindt is Researcher of the Month June 2019

People of the MedUni Vienna, Researcher of the Month

Duration to Establish an Emergency Vascular Access and How to Accelerate It: A Simulation-Based Study Performed in Real-Life Neonatal Resuscitation...

Systems biology-based algorithm discovers new checkpoints of ovarian cancer

Medicine & Science

Interrelations of cellular sphingolipid/lysophosphatidate system and the immune system in the pathobiology of ovarian cancer

"13 Reasons Why": Increase in suicides in USA following TV series

Medicine & Science

Recent study: 13% more suicides within three months among 10 – 19-year-olds

Working the night shift: Biorhythm of 'morning people' disrupted more than that of 'night owls'

Medicine & Science

Artificial light associated with working night shifts causes a type of jetlag

Dietrich Kraft a legend of allergology

People of the MedUni Vienna

European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology honours founder of Viennese molecular allergy research

Epigenetic study provides new approaches to combination therapies for aggressive cancers

Medicine & Science

A recent study by CeMM reveals how the interaction of the epigenetic protein BRD4 with the metabolic enzyme MTHFD1 controls gene expression and cell...

Christiane Druml appointed to EDCTP Board

People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna ethics expert takes over management role in the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership

MedUni Vienna improves position in CWTS Leiden Ranking 2019

University, Medicine & Science, Organisation

Multidimensional assessment compares output to scientific publications