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Living in Vienna

For the eighth time in succession, Vienna was nominated as the most livable city by consultancy Mercer in the “Quality of Living” ranking for 2016. This is based on statements by expatriates, who were asked about their living conditions in 230 major cities around the world.

The most liveable city is Vienna

Over 1.8 million people live in Austria’s capital Vienna. It is a city of culture and former imperial city. Vienna today is a lively, international metropolis, rich in culture and history, enlivened by young people and interesting scenes. The theatres, museums and opera houses, the world-famous Wiener coffeehouse and the wine tavern make up a large share of “Viennese charm”. Vienna is the location of many international organisations and businesses and an important commercial hub.

Health, security and mobility

The costs of living in Vienna tend to be lower by comparison with other large cities, such as London, Paris or New York. In addition to costs of living, subsistence costs of approx. 300 euros per month should be anticipated. Food and restaurants tend to be expensive, but more affordable alternatives can be found, not only in student cafeterias.

The Austrian health system is very good. As a student you are automatically insured by ÖH (Austrian Students Union) in the event of study-related damage or accidents. If you fall ill, it is important to carry the European health insurance card. 

The very well-developed public transport network is recommended for moving around the city. Depending on the duration of stay, a six-month or annual Vienna travel card may be useful. This allows for use of the underground, bus and tram throughout the city. There are also discounts for students.

Information related to the stay