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Clinical & Research Fellow

The Medical University of Vienna considers Fellows to be qualified and specialized medical doctors and scientists, following the objective to increase their respective professional expertise based on international exchange and dialogue with experts of the Medical University of Vienna.

A Fellowship can enable interested professionals from all over the world (postgraduates after achievement of Master's degree) to gain subject-specific experiences and skills while being involved at the Medical University of Vienna for a period of at least 3 to maximum 12 months.

Fellows are able to acquire practical experiences within highly specialized medical areas, and thus increase their individual scientific knowledge. They are strictly not integrated in clinical routine but can be involved under supervision, complying with legal regulations stringently. However, a Fellowship is a non-curricular postgraduate programme and for the personal, professional benefit of a Fellow exclusively. Accordingly it is not equatable with a residency/specialist training.

A Fellowship is based on an individual Training Plan clearly defining stated goals of training. Additionally, it is monitored by a supervisor. Since Fellowships can have either a clinical or scientific focus, it is necessary to differentiate between Clinical Fellows (for physicians only) and Research Fellows

Due to the uncertain development of SARS-CoV-2 and thereof related decisions we unfortunately cannot guarantee an implementation - thank you for your understanding!

Application - Documents - Approval

Each potential Fellow has to apply at the unit (University Departments, Clinical Institutes, Medical Science Divisions) of his/her specific interest individually. Once consent with the respective unit could be obtained, please submit your documents to the International Office in order to coordinate the approval process. Please be advised that it is a compelling necessity to clarify the (legal) framework conditions beforehand for the purpose of accomplishing a Fellowship. For further information please see the recent applicable Application Form for Clinical Fellows and Research Fellows.

According to Austrian Law, a Fellowship will be legally based on a so called 'Cooperation Agreement' between Medical University of Vienna and the Fellow's Home Institution. This implies that the Fellow must remain employed (monthly salary incorporated) with his/her Home Institution for the whole duration of his/her Fellowship. The Fellowship does not constitute any kind of employment with the Medical University of Vienna!

Financing of a Fellowship funded by official grants or scholarships (e.g. national and international sponsors, expert associations) can be examined, provided a temporary employment for the duration of the Fellowship with the Medical University of Vienna is permitted by law. In such case please inform us in a timely manner to enable appropriate coordination and further action. 

Private financing schemes or 'ad personam' scholarships (personal grants to cover individual travel- and living expenses) do not comply with the criteria, thus are insufficient and cannot be accepted for financing of a Fellowship.

Application procedure and timeline are depending on current (legal) requirements and the respective country of origin! As a result, there are variable lead- and processing times of up to 9 months.

An approval by the International Office can only be issued upon availability and clearance of all mandatory documents according to the recent Application Form.

Furthermore, a Processing Fee of EUR 700,00 for each Fellowship will be due.