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Erasmus Plus+ /SEMP

ERASMUS SMT /SEMP Student Mobility for Traineeships

Within the framework of ERASMUS / SEMP, incomings may complete a share of their training at the Medical University of Vienna.

The ERASMUS programme opens up access to MedUni Vienna for international students. Certain requirements must be fulfilled and applications submitted according to the requirements.


Due to the latest developments in the Covid-19 crisis, the suspension of student exchange programs has been extended to the 2021/ 22 winter term (for details please see link "SARS- CoV-2 information" above).

ERASMUS SMT / SEMP Student Mobility Traineeships

  • Erasmus+ Traineeships are open to students enrolled at a foreign university which holds an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)
  • The Erasmus+ traineeship should be relevant for the applicant's studies and personal development and ideally should also be intergrated in the study program at their home university
  • The Erasmus+ student grant scheme stipulates a funding period of at least two and at most twelve months per student and study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD). Students enrolled in a single cycle degree program (e.g. "Diplomstudium") can obtain funding for up to 24 months in total. As long as this maximum funding period is adhered to, students can complete and receive funding for several independent Erasmus+ traineeships and/or study visits.
  • Foreign students who got accepted for an Erasmus+ traineeship will be enrolled at MedUni Vienna for the duration of their stay. This implies that the student needs to pay the (semestral) student union's fee of currently 20,20 EUR in due course and thus will be covered by an accident and liability insurance.
  • The Medical University of Vienna will not sign any third-party documents (such as bilateral agreements or letters of acceptance) for Erasmus+ Incoming interns. Sometimes universities require applicants to provide a confirmation from the hosting institution as a pre-requisite to start their Erasmus+ application. Please note that the Medical University of Vienna can exclusively issue its own “Letter of Intent” (see template HERE) provided the receiving department has signed the upper part of the document. Documents issued by the incoming's home university will not be signed. Departments and faculties are not permitted to sign any external documents for incoming interns.

  • The rules and procedures described on this website only apply to Erasmus+ traineeships (before graduation). Details on traineeships for recent graduates can be found on the following website:

Step 1. Please discuss with your home institution whether you are eligible for an Erasmus+ traineeship and whether there are any internal requirements that you need to fulfill. If applicable, the International Office at your home institution will provide you with the form "Learning Agreement for Traineeships". Please complete this form indicating the pre-requisites, stipulated content and other details of your planned traineeship in cooperation with your home institution. Please make sure to stick to the following guidelines on how to fill in certain fields:

  • Receiving institution / enterprise: Please enter both Medical University of Vienna AND the respective hospital / institute / department at which you would like to do the traineeship.
  • Mentor: Please enter your traineeship supervisor at the hospital / institute / department at which you would like to do the internship
  • Contact person AND Supervisor at the receiving institution: please enter the Erasmus coordinator at MedUni Vienna (currently Dr. Human Salemi)
  • Accident and liability insurance provided: YES (as an Erasmus trainee you will be enrolled at MedUni Vienna and thus will be covered by an accident and liability insurance for the duration of your stay)
  • All fields concerning financial support and contribution in kind / other benefits: NO (Erasmus trainees do not receive a salary or benefits from the Medical University of Vienna; in case the student has come to an individual agreement with the hospital authorities regarding an expense allowance, housing, meals or other benefits, those will not be provided by the university).


Step 2. Once you have come to an agreement with your home university, please send the pre-populated Learning Agreement for Traineeships and the Traineeship Acceptance Form to the hospital / department that you are interested in (see overview of AKH Vienna departments here and overview of teaching hospitals here). Note that the International Office doesn't have an overview of available traineeship places and that applicants have to contact the hospital / department / institute directly to enquire about their capacities. 

The individual hospital / department will be able to provide information on required language skills (English and/or German).

An overview of application deadlines can be found here. 


Step 3. If the hospital / department has provisionally accepted your application and confirmed the traineeship, please send the completed Learning Agreement for Traineeships and the Traineeship Acceptance Form (signed by you and the hosting department / hospital / institute) to the International Office via email (, explicitly confirming that the versions you are sending have been agreed upon with the hospital / department. Please make sure to put your traineeship supervisor at the hospital / department in CC in this email.


Step 4. The International Office then checks your application documents and -provided that those are complete and filled in correctly- invites you to submit the following documents via the online platform "Mobility Online":

  • scan of ID (both sides) or passport
  • passport portrait
  • immunization record (if applicable, not required for research internships without clinical involvement or internships at the clinic of dentistry); download form here, see template here
  • IP agreement (only required in case the traineeship includes research), form will be provided by the International Office 

Only if all application documents are complete and the online application form has been submitted correctly and in due course, your application can be accepted by the Medical University of Vienna.

Note: An Erasmus+ Learning Agreement is valid only once the Erasmus coordinator at MedUni Vienna has signed the form.


Step 5. Once your application has been accepted by the International Office, you will be enrolled at the Medical University of Vienna. In order for the enrollment to become active, you will have to pay the student union's fee of currently 20,20 EUR (status academic year 2020/21) in due course. 


1. Clinical electives ("Famulaturen")

Clinical electives are intended to be an opportunity for medical observation and the practical application and training of previously obtained clinical basic skills, in surgery departments also for  surgical assistance.

Therefore, it is not possible to define very specific contents or learning outcomes beyond the ones listed here in the Learning Agreement for Traineeships in advance:

  • Practical involvement at the hosting department / hospital / institute
  • Observation and participation in clinical examinations and ward rounds
  • Analysis of exemplary cases
  • Familiarization with the Austrian health system 
  • Performance of tasks specified in the Austrian Medical Law § 49. 4/5 under the supervision and guidance of the responsible mentor
  • Anamnesis
  • Basic physical examinations, including blood pressure measurement
  • Venipuncture
  • Intramuscular and hypodermic injections
  • Further medical activities provided they can be considered relevant for a successful completion of a medical degree and the trainee has proven to have the necessary qualifications, experience and competencies to perfom those correctly and conscientiously. 

Note: clinical electives do not include any formal assessment as e.g. exams and therefore will not be graded. Learning outcomes will be tested on a random and ongoing basis by the responsible mentor.


2. Clinical Practical Year / CPY ("Klinisches Praktisches Jahr" / KPJ)

  • possible start dates are identical at all medical universities and teaching hospitals in Austria. The duration of a clinical-practical training period (trimester) cannot be shortened. Also the permitted absent days cannot be used to shorten this period. Details can be found on this website (in german only).
  • Upon successfull completion of the CPY, only the form "certification of practical training at a hospital" (linked here) can be issued, without any exception.


3. Research related internships and internships in context of the completion of academic theses and dissertations

A pre-requisite for the performance of and participation in reserach related activities is a signed IP agreement which defines:

a) Secrecy regarding any confidential information (e.g. know-how, business secrets, data, data analyses, reports, documents and any technical knowledge conveyed in oral, written or any other manner and research results obtained in context of the traineeship / assistance at MedUni Vienna)

b) Intellectual property and patent rights. 

An IP agreement form will be provided by the International Office.