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Planning your stay in Vienna

A step into the unknown - leaving for another country and another university is associated with anticipation and expectations. You have a lot of questions in mind and sometimes maybe some doubts as well.

Before starting your visit abroad, you should make sure, on the one hand, that you have taken care of all university requirements and, on the other hand, your private well-being is ensured during your stay. Check again whether you have processed and sent all necessary documents. You should also think about the fact that you have to register for courses at the host university and different deadline periods and regulations may be applicable than at the Medical University of Vienna.

Make sure that you have all contact data for the type of accommodation that you have chosen before departure and give notice of your arrival. Being welcomed by a friendly face or at least not standing in front of locked doors helps enormously when arriving in a foreign country, possibly with a foreign language. You won’t be flustered if you are unable to follow conversations in full at the start. This will go quicker than you think!

In case of any uncertainties and questions, please visit the responsible office at the host university. Or exchange knowledge and experience with other students. Do not hesitate to contact the responsible office for issues which might cause difficulties at your home university. So that everything will work out according to plan when you come home again.