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Erasmus Plus+

SMT Student Mobility Placements

Within the framework of ERASMUS+, incomings may complete a share of their training at the Medical University of Vienna.

The ERASMUS+ programme opens up access to MedUni Vienna for international students. Certain requirements must be fulfilled and applications submitted according to the requirements.

Student Mobility Traineeships - SMT

The requirements for a 2 to 12-month stay are: 

  1. You are a university student studying at a university in the EU/EEA area (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein), Turkey or Macedonia.
  2. mutual recognition at the home university.
closing date for applications 4 weeks before starting but latest:
15. April

for the summer term (= March - September) of the same year  

15. November

for the winter term (= October - February) of the same year 

No admission possible between May and Mid of August as well as between December and Mid of January!

The following points shall be considered for the application:

  • The International Office for Student & Staff Affairs of MedUni Vienna is unable to organise placements for training mobility.
  • The LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR TRAINEESHIPS with the detailed programme, knowledge, skills and competence of the traneeship, the Mentor at the clinic/department as well as Monitoring- und Evaluation plan shall be sent, along with our TRAINEESHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM, directly to the relevant departments deciding themselves according to their capacity.
  • The approval by the department shall be made on the TRAINEESHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM, which is then submitted, along with the Learning Agreement for Traineeships, to the International Office for Student & Staff Affairs ( here the Learning agreement will be signed by the contact person und Supervisor at the receiving institution.
  • Mentor = tutor at the clinic/department
  • Contact Person und Supervisor at the Receiving Institution = ERASMUS Coordinator
  • Trainees are enrolled as ERASMUS Trainees for the period of their stay at the university within ERASMUS training mobility.
  • Applications for MedUni Vienna are ONLINE applications without exception.
  • Candidates are given the access code for this compulsory ONLINE registration from the International Office for Student & Staff Affairs of MedUni Vienna following presentation of the TRAINEESHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM, confirmed by the Clinic/Department at which ERASMUS training is spent.
  • After the completion of the part of the Clinical Practial Year the here mentioned CERTIFICATION OF PRACTICAL TRAINING AT A HOSPITAL issued by the MedUni Vienna will be signed without any exception!

List of Teaching Hospitals

You can obtain a detailed list of all teaching hospitals here.

List of Teaching Hospitals

Erasmus code: A WIEN64

PIC Participant Identification Code 999989976