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SEMP - Swiss-European Mobility Programme

After the acceptance of the anti-immigration initiative in 2014, no agreement on the Swiss participation in the new Erasmus+ programme generation (2014-2020) could be reached with the European Commission. To ensure the continuity of mobility activities with the Erasmus+ programme countries, the Swiss government decided to develop an interim solution for Erasmus+ supported by Swiss funding. The Interim Solution für Erasmus+ for Higher Education is called Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) and follows the precepts of Erasmus+.
The participants of SEMP (Outgoing and Incoming Students) are financially supported from Switzerland by the Swiss National Agency Movetia.


The application for the Medical University of Vienna is an ONLINE-Application and no other application will be accepted.

The Access Code for the obligatory Online Application will exclusively be sent to students officially nominated by the partner university's International Office (first name, last name and E-Mail address) to the International Office of MedUni Vienna (


Due to the latest developments in the Covid-19 crisis, the suspension of student exchange programs has been extended to the 2021/ 22 winter term. Study stays and traineeships therefore cannot take place in the framework of SEMP before the start of the 2022 spring semester. The feasibility of student mobilities in the 2022 spring term will be evaluated at a later point in time. Further details will be published shortly.

ECTS Information Package

All Information on the Course Catalogue of the Medical University of Vienna.

Student Mobility Traineeships - SEMP

The following points shall be considered for the application:

  • The International Office for Student & Staff Affairs of MedUni Vienna is unable to organise placements for training mobility.
  • The LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR TRAINEESHIPS shall be sent, along with our TRAINEESHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM, directly to the relevant departments deciding themselves according to their capacity.
  • The approval by the department shall be made on the TRAINEESHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM, which is then submitted, along with the Learning Agreement for Traineeships, to the International Office for Student & Staff Affairs (
  • Trainees are enrolled as SEMP Trainees for the period of their stay at the university within SEMP training mobility.
  • Applications for MedUni Vienna are ONLINE applications without exception.
  • Candidates are given the access code for this compulsory ONLINE registration from the International Office for Student & Staff Affairs of MedUni Vienna following presentation of the TRAINEESHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM, confirmed by the Clinic/Department at which SEMP training is spent.
  • After the completion of the part of the Clinical Practial Year the here mentioned CERTIFICATION OF PRACTICAL TRAINING AT A HOSPITAL issued by the MedUni Vienna will be signed without any exception!
  • The starting dates are identical at all medical universities and teaching hospitals in Austria. The duration of the tertiary period cannot be shortened. The permitted absent days cannot be used to shorten the KPJ tertiary.
  • The registration period for the winter semester (= September till February) is from end of August till 15. November.
  • The registration period for the summer semester (= March till August) is from the end of January till 15. April.

List of Teaching Hospitals

You can obtain a detailed list of all teaching hospitals here.

List of Teaching Hospitals