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The Clinical Practical Year

To take part as Incoming in the Clinical Practical Year CPY of the MedUni Vienna there are three options to take you in:

The starting dates for Austrian students are identical at all medical universities and teaching hospitals in Austria. The duration of the clinical-practical training period cannot be shortened. The permitted absent days cannot be used to shorten the KPJ tertiary.

After completing the CPY, only the "Certification of Practical Training at a Hospital" is issued without exception.


Due to the latest developments in the Covid-19 crisis, the suspension of student exchange programs has been extended to the 2021/ 22 winter term. Applications for traineeships in the 2022 spring term can be submitted but will be processed with reservation regarding further developments in the pandemic. The feasability of traineeships in the 2022 summer term will be evaluated in due course.


CPY participants from outside MedUni Vienna who apply in a self-organised way, without a regular programme or contractual agreement between their home university and MedUni Vienna, so-called Freemovers, are not students of MedUni Vienna. MedUni Vienna recommends not to admit Freemovers before the 2022 spring term in order to be able to contribute to a reduction of the further spread of SARS CoV-2 infections in the best possible way.  

However it is up to the hospital authorities to decide on the admission of clinical trainees and KPJ students who do not have student status at MedUni Vienna and to define a process for this. On the part of MedUni Vienna it can only be confirmed that the respective hospital is a "teaching hospital" accredited by MedUni Vienna (i.e. in accordance with § 35 Section 1 University Act 2002 - UG, Federal Law Gazette I No. 120/2002, as amended, is used by MedUni Vienna to improve and intensify practical medical teaching) and that the teaching hospital has contractually committed itself to train ordinary students of MedUni Vienna in the respective "Clinical Practical Year" (KPJ) according to § 35a UG in accordance with the guidelines laid down by MedUni Vienna. However, the training doctor of the hospital can, if necessary, confirm with this certificate that the (external) student has received practically the same training as the regular students of the Medical University of Vienna within the framework of the respective tertiary of the "Clinical Practical Year" (KPJ) according to § 35a UG in the 6th year of study.