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Immunology Research Cluster

Allergy, Inflammation & Infection

The Immunology Research Cluster (IRC) is a network of more than 70 research groups at the Medical University of Vienna with a research focus on allergy, inflammation & infection. The scientific objectives of the involved researchers are, to explore the molecular and cellular principles involved in the regulation of the immune response, to expand our knowledge of the causes and development of acute and chronic diseases that result from an inadequate or overreacting immune response and to development new prophylactic, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to target immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases.

The Immunology Research Cluster (IRC) has furthermore set itself the task of operating on multiple levels to establish initiatives aimed at enhancing synergies between scientists in basic and clinical research and to foster interdisciplinary research activities. On an educational level, the research cluster aims at supporting the education and instruction of young scientists by providing excellent training opportunities for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Moreover, the research cluster functions as a platform to strengthen interactions with scientists involved in immunological research from other universities and research institutions.

Participating Departments, Institutes and Centers

Fields of research

The key areas of the research carried out in the fundamental research and translational and clinical research sectors focus on the following fields:

  • Allergy research
  • Diagnosis and treatment of immunological and infectious diseases
  • Development of the immune system
  • Inflammation & autoimmunity
  • Immunodermatology
  • Immunoregulation
  • Infection & immunity
  • Transplant immunology
  • Vaccinology / vaccine development
  • Tumour immunology (in cooperation with the Cancer Research/Oncology Cluster)
  • Neuroimmunology (in cooperation with the Medical Neuroscience Cluster)

Leading Team

Wilfried Ellmeier (Speaker)
Sylvia Knapp
Josef Smolen
Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt

Wilfried Ellmeier

Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology, and Immunology
Institute of Immunology Lazarettgasse 19
1090 Vienna, Austria

P: +43 (0)1 40160-33293
F: + 43 (0)1 40160-933293