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7th EU-Framework programme

Randomised controlled trial to evaluate electronic Symptom Management using the Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS) Remote Technology for patients with cancers.

This randomised controlled trial (RCT) will demonstrate the effects of a real-time, mobile phone based, remote patient monitoring intervention on key patient outcomes and delivery of care provided to people with cancer during and after chemotherapy. Utilising the remote patient monitoring system, the Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS), will reduce the symptom burden experienced by patients receiving chemotherapy, improve their quality of life (QoL) during acute treatment and survivorship, and result in changes in clinical practice and improved delivery of care for patients with cancer. eSMART involves 13 European partner across 17 sites in Europe as well as cancer care clinicians from all partner countries.

1108 patients will be recruited, 192 at the Medical University Vienna. 

eSMART will demonstrate how delivering patient focused, anticipatory care via technology can improve outcomes for people with cancer whilst simultaneously addressing the increasing demands on acute services across Europe by; enhancing patient outcomes and quality-of-life improvement; promoting of advances in cancer care; reducing social and economic barriers in cancer care; accelerating interoperability and collaboration across Europe and enhancing the economic stimulation of the National Health markets.

MedUni Vienna Researchers

The Medical University of Vienna is project coordinator and project partner under the leadership Prof. Dr. Alexander Gaiger, Department of Medicine I, Division of Hematology and Hemostaseology.

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Gaiger

Head of Project

Department of Medicine I
Division of Hematology and Hemostaseology.

Project coworkers:
Univ. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Jäger, Simone Lubowitzki, MA, Mag.a Katharina Krammer, Julia Riedl, Heidrun Nycz, DGKS (onkologische Pflege), Univ. Prof. Dr. Rupert Bartsch, Univ. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Gerald Prager, Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinz Kölbl, Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Singer, Myriam Weber

More MedUni departments which were envolved:

  • Universitätsklinik für Frauenheilkunde, Klin. Abteilung für Allgemeine Gynäkologie und gynäkologische Onkologie;
  • Universitätsklinik für Frauenheilkunde, Abteilung für Senologie - Brustgesundheitszentrum MUW;
  • Univ. Klinik für Innere Medizin I, Klin. Abteilung für Onkologie


Investigator: Nora Kearney, University of Surrey, UK

Project partners: 13


Project Duration3.06.2014-28.02.2019
Funding Volume, total5.999.991 €
Funding Volume, Medical University of Vienna427.680 €


Randomized controlled study to test eSMART's software and judgment of ASyMY (Advanced Symptom Management System) for patients with cancer.

Learn more on the official projectwebsite.