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Vaccination In Atherosclerosis

This project is devoted to developing a groundbreaking treatement against atherosclerosis through a new strategy: Vaccinations against atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide and currently available medication achieves only a 25-30% reduction in cardiovascular disease risk. Despite tremendous efforts and investments over the last decades, novel drugs to treat cardiovascular disease have failed in clinical trials due to an unexpected lack of efficacy. This projekt aims to develop a ground-breaking treatment for atherosclerosis following an original and novel strategy: vaccination to treat atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is characterized by a combination of lipid accumulation and inflammatory immune processes that affect all stages of cardiovascular disease. Preclinical and clinical studies have shown that native and/or modified Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), the main carrier of cholesterol in the blood, forms the link between two main events in atherosclerosis: lipid accumulation and inflammatory immune processes in the atherosclerotic plaque.

The VIA project aims to develop a vaccine, based on constituents of LDL, to modify the immune response towards LDL and thereby provide a long-term protection against cardiovascular disease. It will focus on optimizing the composition and formulation of the vaccine as well as its route of administration, cumulating in a First-in-Humans clinical trial.

Researchers of the Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna is project partner under the leadership of Univ.-Prof. DDr. Christoph J. Binder / Division of Medical-Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics.

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Christoph J. Binder

Head of project

Division of Medical-Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics


Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Johan Kuiper, UNIVERSITÄT LEIDEN, Netherlands.

Project Partners: 12 


TopicSafety and efficacy of therapeutic vaccines / Small/medium-scale focused research project
Project duration01.12.2013 – 30.11.2018
Funding volume, total5.994.393 €
Funding volume, Medical University of Vienna451.972 €


The objective of the VIA porject ist to develop a vaccination against molecular components of LDL, to sustain a longterm protection against cardiovascular diseases. To find out more, visits the official website of VIA.