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Law & Ethics

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MedUni Vienna attaches great importance to adhering to all basic legal and ethical principles in research.

Universities have the task of promoting research and bear the responsibility that research projects are conducted correctly as per scientific, ethical and legal criteria. Clear rules and standards must be defined to guarantee the above. 

These guidelines (Good Scientific Practice) are binding for all MedUni Vienna employees. They are supposed to guarantee that research at the MedUni Vienna is done as per international standards, but also support researchers themselves, by formulating their rights and duties clearly. The common objective must be integral, transparent science according to scientific and ethical criteria, which is successful in international competition and committed to the common good.

Legal principles of research at the MedUni Vienna

Legal principles in the University Act of 2002 (UG) require the notification of 

  • projects as part of research promotion,
  • research contracts of third parties, 
  • findings and examination on contract of third parties and 
  • accredited test and report activities 

to the rector's office of  the MedUni Vienna. Every project message is examined: For plagiarisms, by the Ethics Committee, from a legal point of view. 

The legal department advises and supports for all research and contractually legal matters as part of research projects. Plagiarism testing at the MedUni Vienna is an agency of the vice-rector specially set up for studies and teachings, and examines the academic  degree theses for originality and on formal criteria.

Ethical principles of research at the MedUni Vienna

The Ethics Committee of the MedUni Vienna was founded way back in 1978. Since then, it provides a meaningful contribution to the integrity of medical research as the most important instance for guaranteeing of ethical standards in conducting scientific studies. 

All clinical research projects must be submitted in advance to the Ethics Committee for guaranteeing the rights of subjects and patients. The Ethics Committee of the MedUni Vienna moreover maintains Austria’s first publicly accessible register of clinical studies since 2004.

Besides this, the MedUni Vienna has clear guidelines of Good Scientific Practice, by which it is ensured that the research is done correctly, transparently and methodically as per international standards. There are mandatory guidelines even for the clinic's operation, in addition: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

Download Good Scientific Practice Richtlinien (german/english) (PDF, 932KB)
Ethik in Wissenschaft und Forschung - Richtlinien der Medizinischen Universität Wien / Ethics in Science and Research - Guidelines of the Medical University of Vienna 21.07.2013