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Quality assurance

Service for Researcher

The high quality standard of research at the MedUni Vienna manifests itself in innumerable citations, publications in well-known media and world-wide importance of the research location at Vienna.

Very different measures are implemented for guaranteeing the high quality standard of research in Vienna to systematize the research and automatically test as peer strict criteria and guidelines. This also concerns the and personal quality in terms of contents.

The task of quality assurance is primarily the compilation of research services and activities of all scientific employees and representation of inward and outward services with the own programme MedFoDok, the research documentation system of the MedUni Vienna.

These services and activities include, in particular

  • publications
  • lectures at scientific events
  • incoming activities (guests)
  • functions in scientific journals
  • functions in scientific bodies
  • prizes and awards

Research documentation

Research documentation lies within the responsibility area of the staff unit in terms of contents for evaluation and quality management. The goal is to compile services and activities of scientific employees centrally and to present them internally and externally, in particular all relevant data for the knowledge scoreboard and the service-oriented resource allocation (LOM). Moreover, the administration of the research activity should be simple and efficient so that data need only be collected and maintained at a single point.

The MedFoDok team advises and supports researchers of the MedUni Vienna with the following topics:

  • Compilation of research services in the research documentation MedFoDok
  • Training and information meetings
  • Research of service criteria (LOM research)
  • Studies of service criteria (LOM studies)

Plagiarism test

MedUni Vienna continuously evaluates and improves its scientific services. It is especially important to perform better, be more innovative and research more thoroughly than ever before in a continuously closer networked and globalised scientific environment. The manner of presenting science is scientific publication in whatever form it may be.

Accordingly, the degree theses of students should always be excellent in terms of quality and correctly developed. Since all academic degree theses are also a business card of the MedUni Vienna, attention should be paid to the fact that all participants, both caregivers and students, adhere to international standards of ethics. The point for plagiarism testing at the MedUni Vienna is the coordinating and assisting organism in these matters.

Continuing internal education

High-valued internal continuing education measures guarantee the dynamic and constantly increasing output and the quality of research services at the MedUni Vienna. E.g., seminars on scientific works, personal development for scientists, women network of medicine or the “step-wise” curriculum which supports  junior scientists and researchers in planning their career steps successfully by means of training and coaching.

The staff unit for personal development, the office for international mobility programme, the staff unit for gender main-streaming and also the different networks of the MedUni Vienna like

promote academic exchange and life-long learning. Even the university library with the biggest medical media collection of Austria, the different university curricula and doctorate studies of the MedUni Vienna encourage to continuing education under the assumption of perfecting one's own state of knowledge.