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Research Funding

Service for Researcher

A research project requires high organisational and formal effort: Submission, costs, criteria, etc., must be planned and tested precisely.

Experts of the legal, finance, audit, personnel departments are available for researchers of the MedUni Vienna in order to correctly satisfy all requirements of national and international cutting-edge research. These professionals advise the researchers on contracts, research law, approvals, budgets, billing, research staff and all other questions related to research at the MedUni Vienna.

Third-party funds as potential source of financing

Raising third-party funds is an important success factor of a university. Third-party funds raised more than doubled from 2004 to 2014, whereas the governmental budget only rose by about 20 percent. About a fifth of the financial resources for research and teaching come from this sector of self-financing.

National and EU-wide promotion programme

MedUni Vienna researchers get all important information and sound advice about the topic of national and international promotion programme of the MedUni Vienna research service. This contains

  • choice of a suitable research promotion programme,
  • advice on the application (submission conditions, budgeting, etc.)
  • support during project handling 
  • organisation of informational events, and 
  • notification of current tenders.