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Study Objectives & Qualification Profile

Target Group

  • Clinical Research Professionals: SN&C, Medical Documentalists, Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Project Managers;
  • Health Care Nursing / Nursing Professionals; Social workers;
  • Radiology technologists;
  • People who want to work in SC&N;
  • People working in, or aspiring to work in, research and development in biotechnological and/or pharmaceutical companies;
  • People working in, or aspiring to work in, Contract Research Organizations (CROs);
  • Employees in biotechnological, pharmaceutical and/or medical technology companies who want to acquire the necessary expertise for a management position in research and development;
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives who want to expand their expertise in research and development;
  • People who want to acquire or expand their knowledge of project management;
  • People who are interested in the practical implementation of research projects.