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Necessary documents and further information

Please fill out the form "Application for Admission to Studies" completely and enclose all necessary documents with your application.

Please always include German or English translations of foreign language documents and submit all documents in original (or certified copy) and - where required - in copy.

Any translations must be firmly attached (sealed) to the original document or a certified copy thereof. In principle, the original document should already have all the necessary certification stamps so that they can be translated as well. Therefore, only have translations carried out after they have been certified!

Foreign documents can only be accepted and evaluated if they are provided with the prescribed certifications. More information on the types of certification and any exceptions can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry, for example.

The following documents must be brought along for admission to studies:

  • Valid travel document (passport or identity card) in original and copy;
  • Proof of "general university entrance qualification" - in the original (or certified copy) and in copy by
    o an Austrian secondary leaving certificate or an Austrian certificate of the Berufsreifeprüfung or an Austrian Reife- und Diplomprüfungszeugnis or a Reifeprüfungszeugnis nostrified according to Austrian school regulations, in each case including the last annual certificate; or
    o an Austrian university entrance qualification certificate for the study qualification group Medical and Veterinary Studies; or
    o a foreign certificate that is equivalent to one of these Austrian certificates on the basis of an international agreement or on the basis of the decision of the rectorate in the individual case, including the last annual certificate; or
    o a diploma certifying successful completion of studies of at least three years' duration at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution (180 ECTS); or
    o an "IB Diploma" obtained in accordance with the provisions of the International Baccalaureate Organization; or
    o a European Baccalaureate in accordance with Article 5(2) of the Agreement on the Statute of the European Schools, Federal Law Gazette III No 173/2005
  • if necessary: proof of the "special university entrance qualification" in original and copy
  • if available: Austrian insurance number (ecard)
  • if required: German Certificate C1 in original and copy
  • if necessary: if transferring from another Austrian university in the same field of study: leaving certificate and proof of academic success
  • "Declaration of secrecy and commitment to maintain data secrecy", here for download Declaration of secrecy in original, (Annex to the declaration of secrecy)

After the examination of the documents and papers, the applicant receives the matriculation number. The tuition fee or the ÖH fee can be paid immediately by bank card (Maestro card) on site. Admission is carried out immediately.

If the tuition fee or the ÖH fee is paid with a payment form, a booking time of about one week is required. Admission and admission becomes legally effective only after receipt of the tuition fee or the ÖH fee. When paying by payment slip (Zahlschein), the applicant has to appear at the Admissions Office once again to receive the study documents.

Please note! Each student can only have one matriculation number. If you have already enrolled in a course of study at an Austrian university, you will keep your existing matriculation number.

Note on Places in Small Groups

A large part of the courses takes place in small groups. Please note that you have to personally make sure to register for these groups, or it will not be possible to take part in mandatory courses. 

Irrespective of the admission period, registering for the small groups is only possible until September 15.