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German Knowledge and Preparation Programme for the Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programmes

In order to be able to follow the courses at MedUni Vienna, sufficient German skills are needed.

The University Preparation Programme enables students with another first language than German to optimise their language skills.

Attention: For the application of admission it is necessary to provide proof of German language skills at the Level A2.

Proof of German Skills

If you have a secondary school leaving certificate from a German-speaking school (with German as the language of instruction and examination) or from an Austrian or German school abroad, this provides proof of German language skills.

If you have a degree from a course of study lasting at least three years with German as the language of instruction, you do not need to prove any further knowledge of German.

In all other cases, it is necessary to provide proof of sufficient German skills. You can find a list of German certificates, which can be accepted, under Recognition of Language Certificates.

Recognition of German-Language Certificates

Which German-Language Certificates are accepted by MedUni Vienna? How does the recognition of German skills work?

Intensive Courses for Applicants


The University Preparation Programme (VWU) offers applicants with another first language than German intensive courses to prepare them for supplementary examinations. The most important information on the VWU can be found on the Website of OeAD.

Prospective students, who are thinking of studying at the Medical University of Vienna but do not have sufficient German skills or whose secondary school leaving qualification is not completely equivalent have to file a complete application for admission to the programme. Only then can they complete the supplementary examinations in German or the supplementary examinations to achieve equivalence (biology, chemistry and physics) as non-degree students.

The complete application has to be sent by mail to the Department for Student Affairs of the Medical University of Vienna. The deadlines for this are:

  • for the winter semester: until September 5 at the latest
  • for the summer semester: until February 5 at the latest

The following documents need to be attached to the application for admission:

  • secondary school leaving qualification with all subjects and marks;
  • proof of completed years of study (marks on individual examinations and diploma and state examinations)
  • The certificate of special qualification for university studies acc. to § 65 Universitätsgesetz 2002 (UG) (all preconditions for admission to the selected programme (Medicine or Dentistry) in the country of origin of the secondary school leaving qualification have to be met)
  • German certificate minimum A2

     following certificates are accepted (must not be older then two years):

    - Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch - ÖSD Zertifikat A2 or higher
    - Goethe Institut - Goethe Zertifikat A2 or higher
    - telc GmbH - Deutsch A2 or higher
    - Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz DSD I or higher
    - Language competence certificate of an university language center -
      successfully passed exam on the level A2 or higher
    - Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (ÖIF) - ÖIF Test (A2) or higher

In case of foreign-language documents please always enclose a certified German or English translation and submit all your documents in certified copy.

Foreign documents can only be accepted and evaluated, if they have been officially legalised. More information on the types of legalisation can be found here. Document and translation must be connected inseparable.

Note for refugees and asylum seekers: documents are of a swarn translator in Austria to translate.

As soon as the application has been processed, you will receive the letter of acceptance by mail at the address you provided during the registration. With this letter of acceptance you will be admitted as a non-degree programme student.

With your letter of acceptance, you can apply for a residence authorisation at the Austrian Embassy or Consulate of your country of origin, if necessary.

Attention participants of the Preparation Programme:

Once you have been admitted to the University Preparation programme of the Vienna Universities as a non-degree student, only the supplementary examination in German (Ergänzungsprüfung Deutsch, EPD) of the Preparation Programme is accepted as a proof of proficiency in German. It is not possible to quit the Prepaeration Programme and pass the German exam elsewhere (e.g. ÖSD certificate).

Questions about the visa:

The Medical University of Vienna accepts no responsibility for the visa. The residence authority of the resident community of students is responsible. For information about visa, etc., see: