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Covid 19

Protective Measures at the MedUni Wien

In order to protect students and teaching staff from COVID-19 infections, the MedUni Vienna has taken a number of measures that regulate study operations in a pandemic-friendly manner.

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COVID-19: Special Arrangements and Measures

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, our classes are mainly held in "Distance Learning and Teaching" format. Binding rules apply to in-person teaching which must be adhered to.

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research has summarised its recommendations for safe university operations during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in a guide

Essential Safety Measures for In-Person Teaching

  • A 2-meter distance is to be observed at all times if possible.
  • Students must wear a protective mask from the moment they enter the building where the course room is located until they leave the building.
  • Only in courses where the teacher is able to maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres at all times may he or she remove their mask during the lecture.
  • Upon entering the teaching room, all persons must carry out the designated disinfection measures.
  • Before and after the course, students grouping together is prohibited.
  • The instructions of the security staff and the teachers must be followed.

Entering the AKH Lecture Hall Centre (HSZ)

Students and external lecturers may only access the AKH HSZ via the "student stairs". Leaving the HSC is also only permitted via the "student stairs".

This student staircase is located in the tower on the Lazarettgasse side of the AKH core building. Please always use the stairs. The use of the lift is only for students with limited mobility.

Entering the AKH outside the lecture hall centre is not permitted due to safety regulations.

In Case of Illness

If you suffer from typical COVID-19 symptoms or if you have an isolation order, do not take part in classroom training under any circumstances!

If you have any symptoms, please call the health hotline 1450 immediately and follow any further instructions. Afterwards, please contact the study department immediately at and also let us know what instructions you have received.

Submission of Documents

In order to be able to participate in a university course of the Medical University of Vienna, you must provide appropriate documents to prove that you meet all admission requirements. Usually, you have to present these documents in the original or as a certified copy.

As part of the corona protective measures, we will receive these documents as a scan by email to until further notice. We check the information and only require that the original documents be submitted if there are any ambiguities. Further information on admissions can be found here.