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Aim and Qualification Profile

PhD Programme UN094
Application & Admission
Language of Instruction

English: min. Level C1


6 Semester (180 ECTS)
Graduate: PhD

Thematic Programmes

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The PhD Programme UN094 at the Medical University of Vienna aims to further develop the competence for independent scientific work as well as the training and support of young researchers.

The doctoral candidates are considered by the University to be “early stage researchers”. These candidates receive the qualification to practice science as a profession. After successful training, they are expected to comply with the profile specified below:

  • To have a systemic understanding of a study field and a proficiency in the skills and methods associated with this field;
  • To be able to plan, design, implement and adapt a research project with scientific integrity;
  • To engage in original research that expands the borders of knowledge, by undertaking substantial research work;
  • To be able to disseminate the research output in the broader scientific community according to national and international publication standards;
  • To demonstrate the ability for critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;
  • To be able to communicate with the professional environment, the scientific community and society in general regarding basic questions of science and the politics of science;
  • To promote technological, social and cultural progress in both academic as well as professional environments, within the context of an educated society.

Doctoral students are seen as early stage researchers, and therefore individuals who already have a venia docendi resp. who are about to apply for a venia docendi, are not allowed to apply for admission to a doctoral programme.