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Q&A COVID-19 Academic Year 20/21

Version 12.12.2020

Information for Applicants for Exchange Programmes at MedUni Vienna


o No, all student mobility programs are suspended for the entire academic year 2020/21. All submitted applications have been cancelled; no new applications can be accepted for the winter semester 2020/21 or the summer semester 2021.

o If you are considering a stay at a later point in time, e.g. during the academic year 2021/22 you would have to submit a new application. If applicable, please get in touch with your home institution first to enquire about options.

o MedUni Vienna is planning to allow student mobility from the winter semester 2021/22 onwards. The earliest possible starting date is October 1st, 2021 (status Nov 2020), with reservation regarding any unpredictable future developments (Covid-19). This date does not apply to self-organized language courses that may take place prior to the semester start.

o For an overview of application periods and deadlines for the academic year 2021/22 please refer to the following website:

Note that internal deadlines at your home institution might differ.

Information for FREE MOVER Applicants for the Clinical Practical Year (KPJ)

o FREE MOVER-INCOMINGS in the KPJ are not accepted during the academic year 2020/21 at the AKH. 
Teaching hospitals have been advised not to receive FREE MOVER-INCOMINGS in the KPJ .

o Self-organised internships (FREE MOVER), which have been agreed directly with hospitals and therefore do not run through international programmes of MedUni Vienna, are the responsibility of the respective hospital operators.

o It is basically the responsibility of the hospital authorities to decide on the admission of clinical trainees and KPJ students who do not have student status at MedUni Vienna and to define a process for this. On the part of MedUni Vienna it can only be confirmed that the respective hospital is a "teaching hospital" accredited by MedUni Vienna (i.e. in accordance with § 35 Section 1 University Act 2002 - UG, Federal Law Gazette I No. 120/2002, as amended, is used by MedUni Vienna to improve and intensify practical medical teaching) and that the teaching hospital has contractually committed itself to train ordinary students of MedUni Vienna in the respective tertial of the "Clinical Practical Year" (KPJ) according to § 35a UG in accordance with the guidelines laid down by MedUni Vienna.