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Requirements for switching in the PhD Programme N094

Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science N790

Minimal requirements for switching from the N790 to the N094 curriculum and for obtaining the PhD degree:

  1. the doctoral thesis registration in N790 was approved by the curriculum directors
  2. employment contract for at least 3 years; at least 1 year of „Karenzierung“ and separate employment for the thesis elaboration
  3. (a) at least one first author publication in a peer-reviewed journal and assignment of the thesis to an internationally peer-reviewed and funded research project 
    (b) at least one first author publication in a “top” journal (according to the “Habilitationsrichtlinien” at the MedUni Vienna)
  4. the PdF-file of the completed doctoral thesis
  5. complete and up-dated CV

The switching is possible latest before the submission of the doctoral thesis.
Please forward your application and the required documents in complete per @mail to  in case the requirements have been fulfilled.