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Thematic Programmes

Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790

The thematic programmes of the Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science offer a wide choice of possible focus studies. You may choose from specific topics and study fields.

Please find all details concerning the programme’s content, possible thesis supervisors and contact information on the website of each thematic programme.

Clinical Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition

The aim of this thematic programme is to provide you with excellent training opportunities in the fields of endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition. You get the opportunity to work with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects in a stimulating environment.

Biomedical Engineering

In this thematic programme physicians, natural scientists and engineers address a wide field of applications and discuss the joint approaches and different aspects of their interdisciplinary work. It focuses on newest research aspects, safe clinical application and the pathway from invention to use.

Clinical Neurosciences (CLINS)

The aim of this thematic programme is innovation in prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of neurological and psychiatric diseases and a better fundamental understanding of these conditions. It addresses a wide scope of scientific challenges related to neurological, psychiatric and neuro-muscular.

Programme for Organfailure, -replacement and Transplantation (POET)

The primary aim of this thematic programme is to enable you to independently implement clinical trials, projects in translational science and basic scientific research in the field of organfailure, -replacement and transplantation medicine.

Clinical Experimental Oncology

This thematic programme focuses on translational and clinical projects that investigate innovative approaches to cancer risk assessment, diagnosis, chemoprevention and therapy. IT is a diverse and multi-disciplinary field of research.

Preclinical and Clinical Research for Drug Development

This thematic programme provides you with a comprehensive training in all major areas of patient-orientated research in drug development. The main focus will be on the methodology and conduct of preclinical - and clinical trials.

Musculoskeletal and Dental Research

This programme focuses the field of “Musculoskeletal and Dental Research”. It integrates basic, applied and clinical sciences to provide you with comprehensive and cutting-edge research training.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease

This programme provides cutting-edge research training and education in different fields of cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine. It prepares you for careers that combine biomedical research and clinical practice in cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine.

Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine

This thematic programme offers advanced scientific research training and education in the field of mental health and behavioral medicine. It prepares you for careers combining psychosocial and biomedical research with clinical practice in mental health and psychiatry.

Public Health

This thematic programme is to train young scientists and professionals of Public Health in its broadest sense for independent and collaborative scientific work.


The program offers advanced doctoral-level research training that builds on multiple disciplinary perspectives to understanding origins and determinants of health and disease across populations in the context of epidemiological methods.