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N094 / N790 / N090

The propedeutics are an important part of the doctoral studies.

They  are to be completed recommendable latest by the end of the fourth semester and comprise a choice of groundbreaking medical and basic courses, of which 6 semester hours are obligatory. There is mandatory 1 semester hour in each “Ethic and Good Scientific Practice” and  “Project management and intellectual property rights”. 4 semester hours can be selected from the pool of the following courses. The selection has to be done under the supervision of the thesis committee and the program coordinator and is dependent on the undergraduate education and the selected thematic program.

Doctorands with a non-medical diploma have to complete at least one of the two "Medical Propedeutics". Doctorands with a medical diploma are not permitted to attend either of the two "Medical Propedeutics".

PhD Propedeutics

CompulsorySemester Hours
Ethics in Medicine and Good Scientific Practice1
Project Management and Intellectual Property Rights 1
Free to choose ("to be selected")Semester Hours
Medical Propedeutics I - Anatomy and Physiology2
Medical Propedeutics II - Linking Biology and Diseases2
Molecular and Cell Biology for Medics2
Clinical Studies1
Medical Biostatistics I2
Medical Biostatistics II2
Scientific Software and Databases2
Mathematical Methods for Biomedical Research2
Basic of Scientific Writing and Presentation2
Methods in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry2
Experimental Biomedical Studies in Animals3
Preparatory Course Medical Biostatistics1
Writing and Speaking Scientific English1
Statistical planning and analysis of animal experiments2
Methods of Life Sciences 2
Introduction to Medical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering2

Registration to Propedeutics

Propedeutics are courses of the Medical University of Vienna and therefore are announced in MedCampus

Medical Propedeutics / Propedeutics for Medics

Within the „free to choose“ propedeutics you can find „medical“ and „non-medical“ courses. There is a clear suggestion for students with a non-medical diploma to complete at least one of the two „Medical Propedeutics“, as is for students with a medical diploma to complete „Molecular and Cell Biology for Medics“.
Within the "to be selected"- part of the propedeutics the selection of courses has to be managed under the supervision of the thesis committee and the program coordinator and is dependent on the undergraduate education and the selected thematic program. In general the direction of curriculum requires doctorands with a non-medical diploma to complete at least one of the two "Medical Propedeutics", doctorands with a medical diploma are required to complete "Molecular and Cell Biology for Medics".
The "Medical Propedeutics" are a compilation of medical lectures arranged within 2 thematic parts. Each part is completed by passing an exam (multiple choice test). The attendance of the lectures is not obligatory for completing the exam, however, the attendance of the lectures is highly recommended.
For participation on the lectures and the exams an electronical registration via MedCampus is required. The exam dates and the electronical registration for the exam will be announced separately (please see below).


Medical Propedeutics - Linking Biology and Diseases

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms of diseases;
Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease;
Host pathogen interaction during bacterial infection and Sepsis;
Cancer and novel cancer therapies;
The skin and its role in host defense, Allergy;
Diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome;
Kidney and Liver diseases;
Atherosclerosis and Aging;
Autoimmunity and Rheumatoid Arthritis

To obtain knowledge of major diseases and develop an understanding of how to study disease mechanisms

Medical Propedeutics - Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy - An introduction / From men and mice
The bone, the muscle, the lung, heart
Liver and GIT
The immune system
Nerves and brain (hands on)

To obtain knowledge of the basic anatomy and physiological principles in medicine

Molecular and Cell Biology for Medics

Principles of cell biology;
Introduction to signal transduction; 
Molecular genetics and the cell cycle;
Regulation of gene expression, RNA biology, and proteins;
Methods of molecular and cell biology, transgenic animal model systems.

To obtain knowledge of the basic principles of molecular and cell biology


TIME SCHEDULE of the Medical Propedeutics

Medical Propedeutics  - Anatomy and Physiology
Location/time schedule sommer semester 2021

Medical Propedeutics  – Linking Biology and Diseases

Location/time schedule winter semester 2020

Propedeutics - Molecular and Cell Biology for Medics
Location/time schedule winter semester 2020

Please register online via MedCampus !
The exam dates will be announced separately when available!
(please see below)

HANDOUTS - Medical Propedeutics
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EXAMS in the Medical Propedeutic
Next exam dates for the Propedeutics
"Linking Biology an Diseases", "Anatomy & Physiology" and "Molecular ad Cell Biology for Medics" will be announced in time.

The exam takes place via Moodle, please register for the exam in Moodle in time. Further informations and the access data for the exam can be found in MedCampus.

Info about the Medical Propedeutics Exam

Coordinator of the ´Medical Propedeutics´ and the ´Propedeutics for Medics´

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bruno Podesser

Abteilung für Biomedizinische Forschung
T: +43 (0)1 40400-52210