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Thematic Programmes

PhD Programme N094

The thematic programmes of the PhD Doctor of Philosophie studies offer a range of possible focus studies. You may choose from a wide range of specific topics and study fields.

Please find all details concerning the programme’s content, possible thesis supervisors and contact information on the website of each thematic programme.

Molecular Signal Transduction

The “Molecular Signal Transduction” Programme offers outstanding training opportunities for the understanding of the molecular physiology of cellular signal transduction and pathological alterations.

Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Biology

The understanding of molecular mechanisms of the "normal life cycle" of a cell is a crucial to understand aberrations, which cause disease. This program includes projects related to cell proliferation, growth, differentiation, and death.

Medical Physics

The thematic programme „Medical Physics“ provides excellent training opportunities in the various fields of Medical Physics. You work on cutting-edge research projects in research teams that are among the international leaders in their fields.


The aim of this thematic programme is to educate you to PhD level using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach preparing you for a successful scientific career within the field of neuroscience in academia and industry.

Malignant Diseases

The thematic programme “Malignant Diseases” aims to comprise all relevant areas of cancer research to provide you with a fundamental theoretical background in cancer research as well as excellent practical skills.

Endocrinology and Metabolism

The aim of the thematic programme of Endocrinology is to provide you with outstanding training opportunities in the fields of endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition. You are offered the opportunity to work with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects in a stimulating environment.

Vascular Biology

The thematic programme „Vascular Biology“ prepares you for research based positions both in academia and in industry with a focus on Vascular Biology. It also provides you with a cutting-edge research training and education in different fields of Vascular Biology.


The objective of this thematic programme is to provide you with great training opportunities in the field of immunology, allergology and infectiology by offering you the opportunity to work with faculty members in a stimulating research environment.

Medical Informatics, Biostatistics & Complex Systems

This thematic programme ist perfect for you if you have a computational, medical or biological background and a desire to advance biomedical sciences by applying your skills in technical-, natural- and formal sciences. 

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is an area of research that bridges the gap between basic and
clinical science. It and serves the common goal of developing and evaluating novel
techniques for the image-based assessment and image-guided treatment of a wide
spectrum of diseases.

Please notice:
The doctoral thesis and the accompanying courses are strictly fixed within these thematic programmes. A separate admission procedure to the respective "self-contained" thematic programme must have taken place prior to the application for general admission to the PhD Programme N094.

Inflammation and Immunity (IAI)

This thematic programme focuses the field of “Inflammation and Immunity” and integrates basic, applied and clinical sciences to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge research training.

Cell Communication in Health and Disease (CCHD)

This thematic programme in biomolecular Medicine provides profound education in the fields of Neurobiology, Vascular Biology, Immunology, and Inflammation Research.

Signaling Mechanisms in Cellular Homeostasis

The thematic programme "Signaling Mechanisms in Cellular Homeostasis" (follow-up programme of "Molecular mechanisms of Cell Signaling") offers structured and state of the art training in signal transduction and competitive PhD projects that combine biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and genetics. So you can study cell signaling in different model organisms.


This thematic programme offers you the possibility to discover more about the form and function of RNA. Based at MFPL on the Vienna Biocenter Campus it offers you state of the art research facilities and an international scientific community.

Molecular Drug Targets (MolTag)

MolTag is a broad thematic programme in pharmaceutical sciences including specialized field courses like molecular pharmacology, pharmacoinformatics, structure-function analysis of target molecules, biophysics, imaging and advanced synthetic chemistry.

Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Allergology (MCCA)

This thematic programme offers you the great possibility of obtaining profound insights into cutting-edge clinical medicine while at the same time becoming deeply immersed into pertinent questions of molecular and cellular allergology.

Integrative Structural Biology

Projects within this thematic programme will comprise a wide range of research areas and introducing the newest techniques, methodology and theory to you. The doctoral program was established to integrate the central themes of integrative structural biology.

Molecular & Cellular Control of Tissue Homeostasis in Health & Disease (TissueHome)

The thematic programme “Tissue Home” offers interdisciplinary and interuniversity training for PhD students in state-of-the-art immunology and infection biology techniques, bioinformatics, as well as tailored transferable skills training. TissueHome is part of the PhD programme Immunology.