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MIC – Seminar: Imaging the Lymphatic System


02. Oktober 2017


Division of Anatomy, Waehringerstr. 13, 1090 Vienna, Austria


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in association with
Correlated Multimodal Imaging Node Austria & Division of Anatomy




Practical Demonstration

  • 10.00 Welcome Prosektur 1
    WJ Weninger
  • 10.15 – 12.00 Prosektur 1
    Lymph Vessel tracking in an ex vivo setting - practical demonstration
    H. Suami

Light Lunch & Coffee 12.00-12.45
HS2 Anatomy Building

No separate registration
HS2 Anatomy Building

  • 12.45 Introduction to Lymph Imaging
    WJ Weninger
  • 13.00 Reconstructive Lymph Surgery
    CH Tzou
  • 13.15 Ultrasound of the lymphatics
    S. Meng
  • 13.30 Lymphosome Concept and Imaging of the Lymphatic System
    H. Suami




Practical Demonstration
Limited numbers of participants: max. 8

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