Steroid donor pretreatment to prevent postischemic renal allograft failure: a randomised, controlled trial.

A. Kainz(1,2)+, J. Wilflingseder(1,2)+, C. Mitterbauer(2), M. Haller(1), C. Burghuber(3), P. Perco(2), R. Langer(4), G. Heinze(5), R. Oberbauer(1,2)

1- Department of Nephrology, KH Elisabethinen, Linz, Austria

2- Department of Nephrology, Medical University Vienna, Austria

3- Department of Transplantation, Medical University Vienna, Vienna

4- Department of Transplant Surgery, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

5- Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems, Medical University Vienna, Austria

+Authors contributed equally

Protocol: PDF document.


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Webtable 1:
Webtable 1:

Significant differentially expressed genes between steroid and placebo treatment with the corresponding Gene Ontology (GO) term and reference identifying this gene as a corticosteroid target listed by fold change

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Webfigure 1:
Webfigure 1:

Gene Ontology (GO) classification of the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) with a fold change over two.

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Webfigure 2:
Webfigure 2:

Protein-protein interaction network of significantly DEGs with a fold change over two, respectively. Black nodes (25 DEGs) indicate down-regulated genes and white nodes (three DEGs) up-regulated genes with corticosteroid use. Gray nodes represent proteins identified by the nearest neighbour expansion method.


Original data according to MiAME Guidelines

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Array experiment:

ARF-C101R ARF-C101R.jpg ARF-C101R.xls.gz
PF-505R PF-505R.jpg PF-505R.xls.gz
PF-C124R PF-C124R.jpg PF-C124R.xls.gz
PF-C134L PF-C134L_A.jpg PF-C134L_A.xls.gz
PF-C139L PF-C139L.jpg PF-C139L.xls.gz
PF-C139R PF-C139R.jpg PF-C139R.xls.gz
PF-C145R PF-C145R_A.jpg PF-C145R_A.xls.gz
PF-C157L PF-C157L_A.jpg PF-C157L_A.xls.gz
ARF-C106R ARF-C106R.jpg ARF-C106R.xls.gz
ARF-C113L ARF-C113L_2.jpg ARF-C113L_2.xls.gz
ARF-C113R ARF-C113R_2.jpg ARF-C113R_2.xls.gz
ARF-C168R ARF-C168R.jpg ARF-C168R.xls.gz
ARF-C172R ARF-C172R.jpg ARF-C172R.xls.gz
ARF-C195R ARF-C195R.jpg ARF-C195R.xls.gz
ARF-C198L ARF-C198L.jpg ARF-C198L.xls.gz
ARF-C198R ARF-C198R.jpg ARF-C198R.xls.gz
ARF-C501R ARF-C501R.jpg ARF-C501R.xls.gz
ARF-P117R ARF-P117R_A.jpg ARF-P117R_A.xls.gz
ARF-P125L ARF-P125L_A.jpg ARF-P125L_A.xls.gz
ARF-P131R ARF-P131R.jpg ARF-P131R.xls.gz
ARF-P138L ARF-P138L_A.jpg ARF-P138L_A.xls.gz
ARF-P162L ARF-P162L.jpg ARF-P162L.xls.gz
ARF-P180R ARF-P180R_2.jpg ARF-P180R_2.xls.gz
ARF-P355L ARF-P355L.jpg ARF-P355L.xls.gz
ARF-P376L ARF-P376L.jpg ARF-P376L.xls.gz
ARF-P393L ARF-P393L.jpg ARF-P393L.xls.gz
ARF-P503R ARF-P503R.jpg ARF-P503R.xls.gz
PF-C184L PF-C184L_A.jpg PF-C184L_A.xls.gz
PF-C386L PF-C386L.jpg PF-C386L.xls.gz
PF-C389L PF-C389L.jpg PF-C389L.xls.gz
PF-P117L PF-P117L_A.jpg PF-P117L_A.xls.gz
PF-P118L PF-P118L_A.jpg PF-P118L_A.xls.gz
PF-P118R PF-P118R_A.jpg PF-P118R_A.xls.gz
PF-P143R PF-P143R_A.jpg PF-P143R_A.xls.gz
PF-P147L PF-P147L.jpg PF-P147L.xls.gz
PF-P151L PF-P151L.jpg PF-P151L.xls.gz
PF-P196R PF-P196R.jpg PF-P196R.xls.gz
PF-P327L PF-P327L.jpg PF-P327L.xls.gz
PF-P505L PF-P505L.jpg PF-P505L.xls.gz