Welcome to the homepage of the Doctoral Programme Clinical Neurosciences - CLINS

The aim of Clinical Neurosciences is innovation in prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of neurological and psychiatric diseases, and a better fundamental understanding of these conditions. In this sense, the applied doctoral program Clinical Neurosciences (CLINS) addresses a wide scope of scientific challenges related to neurological, psychiatric and neuro-muscular disorders in fetus, children, and adults. Interdisciplinary interaction of diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines in combination with basic biomedical research is a key element of the program. In this way, CLINS aims to provide early stage scientists with scientific competence that enables them to improve biomedical and clinical practice by means of research.





Wed 1st July 2015, 15.30 s.t. AKH Hörsaalzentrum / floor 8 / course room 22






in das Board of Directors der IPA gewählt


Christoph Kraus und Arkadiusz Komorowski erhalten WFSBP Young Investigators Educational Grant


Gregor Gryglewski ist Researcher of the Month Juni 2015


Wiener Kompetenz: Handfunktion statt funktionsloser Hände durch bionische Rekonstruktion