About AllFam

The AllFam database is a resource for classifying allergens into protein families. The database merges allergen data from the WHO/ IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Database, supplemented by data from AllergenOnline, with protein family definitions from the Pfam database.

How to cite AllFam

If you use data from AllFam in your work, please cite the following paper:

Radauer C, Bublin M, Wagner S, Mari A, Breiteneder H:
Allergens are distributed into few protein families and possess a restricted number of biochemical functions.
J Allergy Clin Immunol 2008, 121, 847-52. [PubMed] [Full Text]

In addition, please include also the AllFam URL: http://www.meduniwien.ac.at/allfam/.


The AllFam team

AllFam is hosted at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria and maintained by a team from the Division of Mecial Biotechnology of the Department of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research.

Project leader, database design, site administration:
Christian Radauer (christian.radauer@meduniwien.ac.at)
Scientific advisory board:
Heimo Breiteneder (heimo.breiteneder@meduniwien.ac.at)
Merima Bublin (merima.bublin@meduniwien.ac.at)